We Donated to Treedom!

We Donated to Treedom!

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If you do not know how dope Treedom is it is time to drop some fruit bombs of knowledge!

Treedom is such a unique idea that really offers a one of a kind experience. We all know that trees are super rad and are crucial for a healthy worldwide ecosystem by absorbing CO2, producing oxygen and contributing to biodiversity, but there are numerous other benefits when you plant a tree with Treedom.

The Breakdown:

    • Buy a tree.
    • A farmer will plant your tree for you on their land.
    • Get to know your tree. You will receive pictures, its location, and all kinds of fun things to better know your tree.
    • Name it. May I suggest the name Treebird? Treedle-Dee and Treedle-dum? Whatever. It's your tree... 
    • Enjoy a tree for yourself or gift a planting to someone that knows the importance of trees. Why not both?!
    • Your tree will help to create jobs for farmers who are involved in Treedom projects all over the world. It will grow and the fruits of labor will directly improve the lives of the farmers taking care of your tree, the system, and you! What a deal!

Shared Values

We at Virginic were so stoked about this concept, we bought 6 trees for ourselves and plan plant more. Mine even has my eyes! Saving trees from unnecessarily being cut down is precisely why we have chosen to use sustainable bamboo for much of our packaging. I am looking forward to replacing our recycled, post-consume,r paper products with hemp real soon!

Press that juicy Donate Button to find your tree-mate today!

If you donate to the cause, contact us and we will present you with a Promo-code for 10% off your next Virginic purchases!


Virginic Team

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