We Donated to the Rural China Education Foundation!

We Donated to the Rural China Education Foundation!

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We are proud to announce that Virginic has recently become a contributor to Rural China - RCEF.

China's population of 1.4 billion people makes it nearly a quarter of the entire planet’s population. 1.4 Billion People Have an Enormous Impact on Earth. RCEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education in areas of rural China that have long been educationally neglected.

Access to a modern education is crucial for the pursuit of prosperity, not just for the individual, but for families, communities, and the world.


    • Creates education initiatives.
    • Promotes healthy lifestyles.
    • Develops critical thinking.
    • Is ecologically centered.
RCEF is all about long lasting change of society for the better. An educated populace is the first step needed to fix such important issues like hazardous production, human resources abuse, and poverty from a long term perspective. True enough!

    Shared Values

    We here at Virginic may be in the health and beauty industry, often seen as an industry of appearances, but we know real beauty comes from love, health and happiness follow naturally. Virginic will keep contributing to organizations like RCEF and other amazing organizations like them.

    Join us, by being you, making a difference, donating and raising awareness! Hit that donate button for an instant rush!

    If you donate to the cause, contact us and we will present you with a Promo-code for 10% off your next Virginic purchases!

    Thanks, you beautiful peeps!


    Virginic Team



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