We Donated to GreenVegans.Org!

We Donated to GreenVegans.Org!

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Why would we do such a thing?! The V word!

“Those holier-than-thou bastards trying to make everyone…” Make everyone what? Not kill animals unnecessarily? You did not meet a Vegan, you met a frustrated loudmouth, or more likely, a Meme, online. Frustrated loudmouths are everywhere. Virginic supports good ideas turned into positive actions and positive outcomes for all. 

"Green Vegans is a solutions-oriented vegan environmental organisation that sees human behavior—our human ecology—as both the cause and cure for the most important issues of our time."

These seven results define the New Human Ecology:

    • Healthy, intact ecosystems that dominate the global landscapes and seascapes and require little to no human intervention.
    • A vegan, organic, and humane consumer lifestyle oriented to sustainable efficiencies and relationships.
    • Social and economic justice for all with transparency in public and corporate institutions.
    • An immediate negative human population growth based on natural attrition.
    • Economic systems that are ecologically sustainable and restorative, enable social and economic justice, and operate within the new human ecology.
    • An increase in empathy, love, and compassion towards all beings and ecosystems.
    • Appropriate, sustainable, and equitable consumption of goods and services.”

Shared Values

Virginic is built on the core belief the world can and will be cruelty free. We take this approach with the formulations and products we produce and are proud to support others in their quest to educate and take action to make a just, cruelty free world a reality. 

Feel the same? That Donate button is waiting to be clicked. It's sole purpose in life is to be clicked. Here I will start... K. I'm back. 10/10. Would click again.

If you donate to the cause, contact us and we will present you with a coupon code for 10% off your next Virginic purchases!


Virginic Team

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