We Donated to Earth Justice!

We Donated to Earth Justice!

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Earth needs lawyer.  

“True and lasting change happens when the power of the law is on your side.” -Earth Justice.

Earth Justice concurrently conducts as many as, and at times, more than 400 cases at once: both in the US and internationally. Each case they take on is pro bono. Not being paid directly by a client(s) in need is only possible through donations.

Shared Values: We, at Virginic, choose purity of product and people over profit.

We believe a supply chain should more directly benefit producers of raw materials and the communities in which they live. These producers are often taken advantage of and made miserable with backbreaking work and poverty as their payoff. Earth’s health is our health. Each of us has our own distinct path to walk and must each decide how to best contribute to the restoration of Earths natural balance. 

Earth’s resources are bountiful and the current paradigm of negligent extraction is hurting everyone and throwing the Earth into a dangerous imbalance. We are working towards building a healthy and prosperous company around the idea of contributing to a healthy and prosperous world.

Earth has a lawyer.

Join us and donate to Earth Justice to help them continue fighting on behalf of those on the front lines of this battle over ideas, clean air and water, and the human right to live in a healthy environment.

Donate to Earth Justice:

If you donate to the cause, contact us and we will present you with a coupon code for 10% off your next Virginic purchases!

Thank you for supporting this awesome movement with us!


Virginic Team

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