We Donated to the Good Food Institute!

We Donated to the Good Food Institute!

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From GFI's website 

“We work with scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to make groundbreaking, good food a reality. We focus on clean meat and plant-based alternatives to animal products - foods that are more delicious, safer to eat, and better for the planet than their outdated counterparts.”

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is a non-profit organization that relies on donations to fund and support both early-stage and established clean-food companies spearheading the clean eating paradigm shift. GFI directly works with the food sector: restaurants, grocery stores, and food services, to increase availability of plant-based food options.  

They also lead educational seminars for institutions, corporations, and governmental agencies about the economic benefits of a clean and efficient food system. By connecting passionate people with job opportunities, funding, and scientific positions in the clean food sector, GFI is building a network to accomplish their goals for the betterment of all.

Virginic and GFI’s Shared Values

We at Virginic, like GFI, believe in fostering a clean, safe, and healthy approach to all aspects of life. Our platform for change is the health and beauty market. Our mission is to produce pure, clean products because what you put on your body, you put in your body! Everything we put into or on our bodies - good, bad, or ugly - is processed in one way or another by our bodies.

Clean eating. Clean cosmetics. Clean you. Clean world.  

Donate to the Good Food Institute!

If you donate to the cause, contact us and we will present you with a Promo code for 10% off your next Virginic purchases!

Thank you for supporting this awesome movement with us!


Virginic Team

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