Why does your skin need coffee to relax?

Why does your skin need coffee to relax?

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Girls and women cry about it and guys frown their faces, appalled by the look of it. Often times you get a big, wide label that discredits you as a potential love partner because your cellulite is visible so you must not take good care of yourself. You’ve guessed it, this is the sad story of cellulite! We all want a smooth looking skin and a tight lower body, but nature only gifts us with so many years of effortless good looks. From there on it is hard work and no guaranteed results. Let’s break some misconceptions about the well-known and despised cellulite.

Every single one of us has the ability to recognize it, it becomes obvious through the dimpled appearance of the skin, usually on the hips, tights and buttocks of women. Men can also form cellulite, but it happens much rarely and not as visible as it does on women. The reason for this is that men and women have a different distribution of fat cells, muscle and connective tissue throughout their bodies. Also, this affects people of all races living in any part of the world. The “orange peel” aspect, as people popularly call it, is due to deposits of fat that form and distort the connective tissues beneath the skin creating that lumpy image. Furthermore, these fat deposits happen because of an increase in estrogen production in women of all ages paired with a decrease in blood circulation that results in collagen break down and an enlargement of the fat cells in size and spread. All of this factors combined lead to the formation of the much dreaded cellulite.

One important thing that all people should be aware of is that this starts happening as soon as teens in some cases or mid 20s’ in most women. And it makes no difference what size you are, you can be skinny since forever and still notice cellulite take over your body. And to help ease the minds of many women around the world that bring themselves down for having cellulite legs, know that about 90% of women struggle with this. You are far from alone, you are in the majority. Of course, this is not an encouragement to stop finding remedies and taking care of yourself.

Aside from the normal changes your body goes through and that are somewhat inevitable, there are a few risk factors such as family history, if it runs in the family than you have increased chances of dealing with it, pregnancy will put your body through major changes and cellulite is a consequence, plus, not being active, not moving around, not exercising will also, definitely favor the appearance of cellulite.
If you were to see a doctor about it, he or she should be able to tell you that this is not a medical problem, but rather a cosmetic one. It has no health risks involved, but aesthetic physicians and plastic surgeons might offer some studied treatment options like acoustic wave therapy or subcision. However, we are here to refer this problem in the most non-invasive and natural way possible.

One of the most helpful and natural weapon that we could use against cellulite is Green Coffee, from coffee bean scrubbing to Green Coffee Oil massages. Studies have shown that taking care of your collagen levels and increasing them has a major role in fat lose and skin strengthening. As we age, collagen production in our bodies decreases, the existing one gets depleted and our skin loses elasticity, developing wrinkles and storing fat. Green Coffee Oil is an awesome match for these problems as it carries around significant amounts of antioxidants, vitamin E which is pure food for the cells, fatty acids and many other nutrients that will salvage your skin from decay. The Green Coffee Oil is obtained out of pressed beans before they undergo roasting.

All the nourishing elements found in the oil work together to rebuild collagen, make your skin stronger, thus not allowing the fat deposits break through the tissue and give it the orange peel look, and will join the fat losing game. One of the key ingredients of The Green Coffee Oil is the vitamin E which is an extremely potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that damage cells and expose the body to other health conditions.

Using a moisturizer that contains Green Coffee Oil for your daily routine coupled with muscle building exercise and a clean, healthy diet will lead you to a tight looking body. Enter Virginic™ Body Butter Creamy Citrus, a heavenly reprieve from the free radicals looking to feed on your body. Perfectly whipped, this lemony smelling body butter can join you in preventing or removing cellulite signs.
It is packed with Green Coffee Oil and additional Vitamin E, the collagen enhancers and fat breaking soldiers, plus a few other vegan and pure goodies.

Shea Butter is full of vitamins and fatty acids that are deeply moisturizing and can help reboot your dry, crackled skin. But do not forget to drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated, this will make it much easier even for the sturdy Shea butter to keep your skin nourished. Castor Oil is a deeply penetrating oil that will heal your skin from bacteria and irritation. Rose Water is a cleanser that leaves your pores breathing freely. Grapefruit Essential Oil is a good stimulant and tonic substance that will energize your skin. Lemongrass Essential Oil, aside from the citrus fragrance comes packed with minerals and complex vitamins. Coconut Oil is an actual treasure of nature that feeds and softens the skin and last but not least, the Arrowroot Powder, absorbs the moisture at skin level and gives it a silky look and feel.

For results to start showing, massage thoroughly on your entire body, with an extra intense rub on the affected areas, twice every day after showering. Your skin absorbs around 60% of what your put on it, therefore, the potent ingredients in the butter will help improve the blood circulation oxygenating and purifying the skin cells, they will nourish and replenish the skin, fight against unwanted fat stores, boost collagen production which in turn will give the skin its natural elasticity.
Every ingredient used in the making of this creamy butter has been listed on the label and it does not convey any other unknown substances. The citrus smell is 100% pure and comes from the use of Lemongrass Essential Oil. There are no artificial perfumes or chemicals to enhance the effect of the product or to deceive you, the customer, regarding what you put on your body. It would be nothing less than fraud.

If you want to give it a go and enjoy the added bonus of fresh lemony smell, you can purchase our lovely butter here. Although cellulite is unpleasant, it should not feel as a stigma, lower self-esteem or enable anyone around you to make you feel bad about it. Our bodies, although in our control, suffer continuous physiological changes and cellulite is a consequence of it and a battle we did not ask for. Raise your head, walk proudly and embrace your body, it is the first step towards caring for it!

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