What is the best natural remedy for headache?

What is the best natural remedy for headache?

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The one experience we can all relate to, no matter where we live, what gender or race we are, is the common and often occurring headache. Some have to deal with it more frequently than others, but reality is that from simply going through our daily routine tasks to a tense, disruptive headache is a very thin line. Plus, as common as this is, the more controversial it gets. There are numerous types of headaches and the causes range wider than the deep blue ocean.

A headache is primarily characterized by pain experienced from the neck up. The origin of this pain is found in the tissues and structures in the skull and brain area, but never in the brain itself, as some might mistakenly believe, because the brain has no nervous endings of its own that could signal pain. The pain is a result of the inflammation of tissues, spinal cord, veins, arteries or nerves and it can be subjectively felt as a sharp ache, constant, intense, mild, intermittent or throbbing.
The International Headache Society’s guidelines are extensive and offer no support in easing the diagnosis of headaches and the underlying causes, therefore tending to this wide spread affection is no easy task.

Described by the source of the pain, headaches are categorized into 3 types: primary, secondary and cranial neuralgias, facial pain & other headaches. We will only discuss here the primary headache that includes tension, migraines and cluster headaches.

Tension headaches are the most common ones, with a tendency to affect more women than men. The World Health Organization states that 1 in 20 people in the world today suffer from a daily tension headache. Although we have embraced headaches as part of our lives and most of the time when one occurs we take no action, leaving it to happen in the background until it bothers no more, they can impact life quite a lot and affect the quality of life. Some occasional headaches pass by quickly with an herbal tea or a mild analgesic while others can indicate more severe conditions and become debilitating.

Migraines, the way we often refer to simple, but a bit more intense headaches, are not in fact the same and have nothing to do with the amount or duration of pain. Migraines are a secondary type of headache that are caused by underlying structural or infectious problems in the head or neck area. Pain in these cases are due to a variety of problems such as teeth infections, sinus infections or even critical ones such as meningitis or encephalitis. These are instances in which medical attention is mandatory and should not be neglected or attended at home with homeopathic remedies. But we wanted to mention them and point out the difference, so that no unfortunate incidents happen.

We shall focus on tension headaches that are usually due to contraction of the muscles that cover the skull. The contraction determines the muscles to inflame, go into spasm and cause pain. Not much research was conducted to isolate the causes of tension headaches, but stress on the muscles is believed to contribute the most. Physical stress consists of difficult and prolonged manual work, long hours of sitting at a desk together with an unhealthy position that becomes habitual, intense intellectual effort or emotional stress caused by life situations, people around or unpleasant environmental conditions.

Maybe some of you are thinking hey, just take some analgesic medicine and rest a bit and problem solved. And it does work short-term, but there are people who suffer from recurrent headaches and treating them likewise can cause other long-term problems like ulcers. Plus, why give in to such a harsh treatment for a mild tension headache, when nature has a bunch of useful remedies that you only need to discover and enjoy!? We are about to introduce to you (drum roll) the versatile and amazing Peppermint Oil. 

Peppermint is an herbal cross between spearmint and watermint that originates in Europe. Because it carries around a very long and impressive history, it is often promoted as the world’s oldest medicine with numerous health benefits and uses. As a consequence, science has spent quite some time studying it and research makes it popular even amongst doctors who sometimes prescribe it to patients. The oil extracted from the plants leaves has a rich content of minerals, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and C. I believe there’s nothing that peppermint oil does not have.

To provide an answer to headaches problems, the peppermint oil can be used directly for head pain release, as well as to prevent future headaches by addressing relating problems such as muscle pain, teeth infections, nausea, and respiratory problems. Virginic™ 100% Pure Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil is our formula for your headaches and not only. It is fresh, Virginic Certified and extremely calming for your stressed and sore body. Because of its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties you can use it at home to relieve tension headaches. All you have to do is apply a drop of oil, with your fingertips, directly on your forehead and temples or behind the ears and massage it gently with long, circular moves. Because of its minty fresh aroma, inhaling it should not be a dreading process, on the contrary. This will eliminate the nausea and motion sickness that could also contribute to headaches. A 2007 study has proven that 15 minutes of topical application of the peppermint oil in migraine affected patients managed to reduce the pain consistently.

If respiratory congestion occurs, the menthol found in the peppermint oil can help clear the airways or act as an expectorant to clear out the sinuses. It can be simply rubbed on the chest to relieve nasal and respiratory blockage. Studies have proved it to be antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory as well, with positive effects in soothing trachea inflammation and coughing. Tending to these associated problems you can prevent headaches that could easily be provoked by pressure from oral congestions. Moreover, with antiseptic properties, the peppermint oil can also fight oral bacteria that consequently leads to toothaches and infections while also eliminating bad breath. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic, the oil can assure a good oral care thus preventing again headaches that are secondary to oral cavities or infections.

Lastly, if you feel extensive fatigue after a stressful long day with hours of sitting and concentrating on tasks, peppermint oil can improve energy levels, the ability to focus and thereby, better control subsequent headaches.
Should you not be convinced of the wonders of this oil, we lovingly extend to you an invitation to try the Virginic™ 100% Pure Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil and let it make a convincing case. You can find it right here on virginic.com.

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