What are the best natural remedies for sunburn?

What are the best natural remedies for sunburn?

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We could assume that there are people in the world that dread summer and get no joy from it. We wouldn’t be wrong. But let’s be honest now, the great majority of us are spending more than half a year counting months, weeks and days until the sweet, sweet release of summer. What’s not to love!? And the first clue of this endless love is given by your own body who loves light, who is hungry from some direct sunlight in order to start producing melatonin and boost your mood. No more wallowing inside during the long winter nights or sitting under a tarp hiding from heavy spring rains.

The only problem with waiting for summer is the irksome pressure we put on ourselves to prepare our summer bodies. We all have at least one colleague or relative that keeps insisting that they have to lose weight until summer while dipping their hands into the candy bowl. We got cellulite covered, suppose the weight is down and we are happy. All that is missing is the beautiful, glowing suntan. Getting suntan is the number one ranked summer activity and we have no statistics to prove it, but it is common sense. While tanning is a protective mechanism the body uses to shield itself from too much sun exposure and can provide a small amount of sun protection factor (SPF) of 3, long term and excessive sun exposure can add up to injuries and even skin pathologies as severe as cancer.
When we spend time into direct sunlight and our body is unprotected, 15 minutes are enough to leave us with a sunburn. It is caused by radiation that affects skin tissue as a result of overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (the UV light that sounds so familiar by now). Our beloved sun is a giant source of UV radiation and it can leave us with a mild or severe sunburn depending on the time of the day, cloud cover, season, altitude and mainly, how long was the exposure. The most common symptoms of this condition refer to red skin that feels hot, pain, general feeling of fatigue and mild dizziness. Sunburn is basically an inflammation of the skin as a response to the DNA damage the UV radiation has done to the skin cells. Although it is common and expected during summer, excessive UV radiation can become life-threatening and it is the leading cause for non-malignant skin tumors.
To make is simple, what happens in sunburn is that the damaged skin cells trigger a natural response that starts a process of replacing the cells. This is why after a short while the skin starts to peel off.

Since we established what sunburn means, how it occurs and what to expect from this common affection, we can now talk about remedies. It should not come as a surprise that the best remedy in this case, just like in almost every other aspect of life, is prevention. It is the most effective, the least expensive in terms of time, money, energy and suffering and keeps us healthy over the years. To prevent sunburn your best chance is to avoid being in the sun for too long especially at top hours when UV radiation has the highest index, apply protection every morning before leaving the house on your entire body, more so on your face, shoulders and areas that are exposed the most and, last but not least, try to cover yourself with t-shirt, a scarf and most importantly, a hat for your head.

However, we are all human and chances are we’ll get a bit of sunburn at least once in a summer season, so what can we do about that!?
Firstly, avoid further exposure, drink lots of water and keep your environment cool so that you don’t go into sudden combustion. Other than this you can use compresses and baths paired with some essential oils and some powerful vitamin E to soothe the skin.

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and nutrient that will reduce inflammation caused by sunburn. It is also known as tocopherol and has a light brown/reddish aspect. Vitamin E is one of those essential components found in cosmetic/skincare products because of its amazing benefits. The National Institute of Health Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) describe it as an antioxidant that is very useful in neutralizing free radicals which damage body cells, reactive oxygen species that form when food is converted into energy and environmental factors such as UV radiation or pollution that are harmful for our bodies. When used as an ingredient in care products it is advised to look for other antioxidants on the label because through association with such substances it has a much stronger effect.
Because it fights against free radicals and promotes cell regeneration and formation, vitamin E helps damaged skin to recover its healthy form and prevent the formation of wrinkles. An aged looking skin can very well be a result of sun exposure and multiple sunburns suffered along the years. This destroys tissue and cells and, although the body forms new ones, the quality and health of the skin decreases in time. But vitamin E can help diminish some of these damaging effects by boosting collagen production and treating burnt and wrinkled skin.

Sunburns can also promote brown spots formation on the epidermis, but this is something vitamin E can also help with through the same process of fighting off free radicals. Although it does not constitute a moisturizer in itself, vitamin E added to body creams and lotions has the added benefit of healing and preserving skin cells. Need more convincing about how badass vitamin E is or are you ready to give it a try by treating your body daily with Virginic™ Body Butter Creamy Citrus!?
And to top it all off, whipped inside this citrus smelling butter is Coconut Oil which is a great after-sun exposure ailment. It does not protect from UV radiation, so you cannot use it as sunscreen, but if you can’t help getting sunburn you can gently apply coconut oil on your skin after it has cooled down.

Your skin will be begging to get moisturized after sunburn, therefore the Virginic creamy butter can successfully provide this to you. Soak up in this mixture of Shea Butter that will boost collagen production and nourish profoundly, Green Coffee Oil that will avert wrinkle formation, Castor Oil that is highly penetrating and can hydrate irritated skin, Rose Water that calms down damaged skin and reduced redness, Grapefruit Essential Oil that acts as disinfectant, antiseptic and tonic for your sore skin, Lemongrass Essential Oil full in essential vitamins to sustain the healing of the skin and Arrowroot Powder. And of course, the main actors in this case, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil.

Enjoy the summer mystique, but do not ignore its potential dangers. Take care of your body and everything surrounding you by teaming up with Virginic. We will always provide the most natural, purest, vegan, cruelty-free products to sustain your need without disrupting nature’s harmony.

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