Watermelons and a Boy Named Bob! [Part 1/2]

Watermelons and a Boy Named Bob! [Part 1/2]

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Watermelons [Part One] and a Boy Named Bob! [Part Two, (that is a fun one. You will like it unless you don’t like fun.)]

I had a childhood friend named Chris. He was super funny. These days he would be subscribed no less than 7 pills to treat his multiple disorders, which is to say, his personality. He was constantly creating, and moving, and “disrupting” the class. I could really go on and on about school and Big Pharma but let’s keep things light, ya?

Chris had boundless energy and saw things differently than the others. Wildly differently. That was his magic, his power… of course, society nearly killed him for it but such is life. Living authentically is a curse worth having. We would both learn that lesson with much suffering in between.

But, back then, when school was endless and summer was as long as a birds wing flap, we had some great times.

I do not think Chris’s creativity came from his mother. She was very structured. Probably because she had her hands full with Chris, and as you will find out in part 2, her husband as well.

Their house was the kind of house where there was a room where we were not allowed to step foot in. A family room is what it would be called but it was anything but. Or maybe it was the living room? I always get the two confused. The point is that they had a fancy room we were not allowed to enter.

The fancy room tied in nicely to the rest of the house. She had a good eye for interior design. It was also the kind of house that had soap you are not supposed to use. Sorry for the seashell soap bar Mrs. J!

By contrast, our house was lived in. Every inch used by the family for the family. We used our fancy room to make pillow forts, wrestle, or whatever we wanted. And the soap we bought, we used. Our towels were just towels, for drying your hands, for washing in a washing machine when needed, and hanging once more to be used. It’s not like we were a bunch of hillbillies, we just did not live the same way. So you can understand that these rules were new to me.

I did not see a ton of creativity in her but one thing always struck me as strange; she was obsessed with watermelons. From knick knacks, to wooden watermelon garden art, watermelons were everywhere. Somehow it worked.

I remember thinking, you can do this? Just be a normal family and deck your place out with a watermelon motif? Hmmm.

I have never owned anything to motif, but when I do, you will not want to leave. I will keep you posted. I am buying land in the south of Chile for just this reason.

No big payoff in this blog. If I think of one, you will be the first to know. See you in part 2!


Virginic Jeff.

We here at Virginic do not sell watermelons but what we do sell you can will love and can find here. Use the code VIRGINICJEFF for 10% off anything you desire! We have a purity motif we are rather proud of.

Tell me your stories of “off limit” rooms or the motif thing in the comments section. It seems like every girl I knew in grade school was either obsessed with horses or sunflowers. Just me? Tell me if it is. I need to know.

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