Want to give your smile an upgrade and start your mornings much more confidently!?

Want to give your smile an upgrade and start your mornings much more confidently!?

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Ever since you can remember (and that is around the age of 3 when memories start to form) parents, grandparents and the general adult representation have been insisting that you brush your teeth thoroughly, twice a day and no less than 3 minutes. What a pain that was, merely opening your eyes in the morning or falling asleep in front of the TV at night to find yourself hearing a voice that makes you wash your teeth. Growing up did not solve the problem much, because maybe parents have understood the whole independence concept, but the voice still remains in your head constantly sending you to brush your teeth. Well, could not be more right! Dental hygiene is the number one priority for any person who wants to lead a healthy life. And you might think hey, it is important to brush and to floss, but it’s such a small part of the body, how bad can it get!? It can get very bad, because your oral cavity is the entry way for almost anything around you, good and bad. What you eat, whether you chew enough or not, whether saliva manages to prepare you food for swallowing good enough, these are all important aspects that ensure your well-being. Almost any disease or condition can start with lack of oral care. In addition to all these negative consequences, what is most obvious and of general concern is the aspect of your teeth. We all want a white, beautiful, big smile with no stains or yellow nuances. However, during our lifetime, teeth are bound to change color, the enamel wears off and the dentin gets exposed or much closer to the surface which has a tern, yellow color. But aside from the natural course of life, there are many other factors that contribute to problems, changes, accidents and that leave behind unwanted trails.
Most discolored teeth are due to extrinsic causes that affect only the enamel that is the outer layer of the teeth. In these cases the stains can usually be corrected. But when the problem is intrinsic, embedded in the tooth, it might not be easy or possible at all to get rid of anesthetic colors. Extrinsic causes include coffee, tea, wine, artificially colored drinks and carbonated drinks in general or foods with high acidity or darkly colored such as beetroot, chocolate, berries, candies, pickles, popsicles and so on. Other yellowing things are soy or tomato sauce, curry and, most importantly, tobacco smoking. Wine is actually one of the most acidic beverages and could be responsible for the most damage in your mouth. Basically, an oral environment with high acidity created through eating and drinking followed by not brushing and flossing regularly, will most definitely lead to a vulnerable and stained enamel. To avoid discoloration you should balance the amount of such foods and drinks and never skip oral routine at least twice a day.

Unfortunately, there are some types of discoloration that cannot be resolved with ease. Some could be gained in utero or developed during childhood, while some are the result of trauma, injuries, root canal treatments or medication consisting of antibiotics, calcium deficit or too much fluoride in children under the age of 6.
There are partial solutions to some of these problems, some more efficient than others, some short-termed or long-termed. Symptoms of stained teeth include different kind of stains such as white streaks, yellow tints or brown spots. Where the enamel has worn off, the yellow dentin might show off in the form of a tint. Tooth discoloration is quite obvious and can decrease the quality of life reflected in low self-esteem, lack of confidence and hidden smiles.
A doctor or oral hygienist can perform professional teeth whitening using bleaching gels or they could simply do some plaque removing and professional cleaning that will remove the small, surface stains. Worry not, there are home remedies for a slight whitening of the teeth, you are not forced to spend high amounts of money on professional care. We will only give you the natural and pure remedy because we believe it is the only form of home care that you should perform.

Virginic™ Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder is a pure, 100% vegan and pet-friendly powder obtained from bamboo plants that were harvested for a minimum of five years and then burned at high temperatures between 800 and 1200 °C. Bamboo is an amazing plant and material that protects the environment leaving no harmful residue. Its benefits range from removing uncomfortable gases and bloating, treating alcohol poisoning, mold cleansing, filtrating water that is unsafe to drink, removing toxins from the skin and body, aiding digestion and fighting aging signs. You might be wondering though how such a simple remedy works!? The process consists in the activated charcoal trapping toxins and chemicals in its pores and removing them from the body without them further interfering. However, it is not correctly said that it absorbs toxins, the chemical process is called adsorption. Absorbing means that the elements react with one another, they mix, whereas through adsorption, chemicals and toxins adhere to the charcoal’s pores. The pores are basically a transportation unit for all the unwanted substances. The surface of the activated charcoal has a negative electrical charge that makes positive charged elements to bond to it.

In the case of stained teeth, Virginic™ Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder helps remove the stains produced by coffee, tea, wine, berries and other edible stuff. While getting rid of these stains, it also ensures a healthy, balanced oral cavity with an appropriate pH that will prevent cavities from forming, bad breath and gum diseases. It works by adsorbing plaque and microscopic tidbits that are responsible for teeth staining. By using it the entire oral cavity is cleansed, not just the teeth. The bamboo activated charcoal is cost-effective and the most natural solution for a bright, whitey smile.

In order to make the most of it, water your toothbrush and dip it into the powder. Brush the teeth with gentle motions as you should normally do, paying attention to certain areas that you want stain free. After the normal brushing or dabbing of the teeth with the activated charcoal wait for 3 minutes then sip some water, swish it through the mouth and then spit repeating this action until the water is charcoal free. It is important to rinse well enough and to be careful at clothing, floors or counter surfaces and even dental crowns or veneers that can remain stained.

Some may ask whether the activated charcoal adsorbs all kinds of bacteria or just the bad ones that we want out of the body. The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science has published a study showing that activated charcoal has a slight ability of differentiating between what should or should not be eliminated. The study regards gut bacteria and it shows that normal intestine bacteria stays put while toxin-producing strains of E.coli were more likely to be adsorbed. This manages to prove that activated charcoal is indeed efficient and has positive results for cleansing and detoxifying.

Want to give your smile an upgrade and start your mornings much more confidently!? You can get the Certified Virginic™ Activated Bamboo Charcoal here.

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