Gentle is as Gentle Does

Gentle is as Gentle Does

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While the Earth keeps spinning the same old way and the rules of the universe remain constant, here on Earth’s surface the strong human essence struggles with keeping things simple, with being consistent and with caring for the world and themselves. Nature is a kind gift giver, actually maybe it is not appropriate to say that nature gifted us with all its’ elements, but rather that it follows its’ own natural course and tries to adapt and strives to get its’ cycles completed despite our destroying actions. Ironically, we get a big bonus by making use of the fruits and goodies of Mother Earth. 

What do we do in exchange!? We act as spoilt little brats who appreciate too little and too late and have a “mine for the taking” ungrateful attitude. We are now slowly coming to realize that resources are not infinite and that in order to get you have to give. It is a wake-up call for all humanity to come to our senses and start to take actions of nurturing and caring and preventing.

The concept of organic produce began as a solution to higher demand in high quality products and its’ purpose was to assure this quality and prevent fraud from producers who promote a fake product as something it is not. While in the early days, farmers could sell their natural crops easily in markets, with the increase in demand and the need for people to find everything nearby in supermarkets and regular shops, a regulation was needed. Therefore, the organic certification was born to differentiate an organic supplier from a regular, conventional producer. As time went by and the market grew, fraud began to sprout in the organic products section as well. And so we find ourselves nowadays fighting to figure out which product is honestly beneficial to us and which is a long run enemy.

Virginic Purity found this problem, acknowledged it and went on to do what most people fail to, practically implement a solution. It is just like 3-steps therapy: become aware of the problem, accept it and then take steps towards solving it. Virginic is the company and brand that produce pure, natural care products. Virginic Certification is the New Standard of Quality that will lead the world to face the change so desperately needed. And Virginic products are the physical, palpable means of achieving this change and inspiring trust again in the mind and heart of the consumer. Making sure the ingredients are as close to the source as possible and that the final product is as close to purity as possible, requires a tremendous effort and a huge cost. But you have to commit to making the change you want to see in the world. We know, it’s a cliché! Clichés are just phrases that have been repeated so much that they became stripped of thought, but not for no reason. Because they harbor truth. And it is true feelings and thoughts that we need in order to generate enough noise to start a revolution. That same way The Organic Food Revolution began and it was every small cent that added up to form this new standard. The Organic concept started from the same small people who wanted to create a higher standard. And it once was. Now it is a new turning point and Virginic is the new name. As any noble idea it needs endorsement and it would be foolish and dishonest to not address this aspect. Because we want to continually purchase and use the same pure ingredients directly from the source, every dollar spent on Virginic products will help sustain our supply fund. We collaborate with producers and co-ops like the Beber Women Co-ops in Morocco without intermediaries. We want to support the production of healthy, clean food and products in a humane manner just as the world should kindly and fairly function.

Translucent Botanical Face Powder is a Virginic product 100% pure, raw and cruelty-free that leaves your skin soft looking and refined. For this powder to take this final, ready to apply form, Virginic needs to secure all the essential ingredients in their primary state: arrowroot powder, cacao, rose powder and kaolin clay.

Arrowroot plant Maranta Arundinaceae is the natural source of the arrowroot powder from which it is extracted with simple, more traditional methods, without the use of high heat or harsh chemicals. Native to South America, this tropical plant, commonly known as Ararot in Hindi, is a small, perennial specimen that grows 3 to 5 feet high. Its’ leaves are broad, flat and oval shaped. The powder obtained is white, naturally gluten-free, grain-free, vegan and paleo-friendly. Its’ benefits extend to the kitchen area as well, as the powder can be successfully used as a natural thickener. Health wise, arrow tree powder is high in fiber, contains good amounts of potassium, iron and B vitamins that support the metabolism, blood circulation and heart health. In primitive times it was long used for wound healing which makes it an awesome candidate for drying and healing blemishes and clearing the skin. Because of its’ moisture-absorbing qualities, the arrowroot powder enables the other ingredients in the product to penetrate the skin, leaving it smooth and silky. As opposed to other face powders existent on the market that usually use the carcinogenic Talcum Powder as an ingredient, the Translucent Botanical Face Powder uses this pure, high standard alternative.

The infamous and beloved cacao, the Amazonian superfood, is also the natural hydrator and protector of your skin. The raw cacao powder is obtained by cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans, a process through which the enzymes are kept in the cocoa and the fat is removed. Alongside all the health benefits of this amazing ingredient, cacao is rich in antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals, vitamin C and magnesium is the super-duo that guards and protects and the Omega 3 fatty acids are the little soldiers that take care of your cells well-being. By increasing blood flow, your cells will heal beautifully and your skin will glow. And while cacao protects your skin, the cocoa trees need their own protection from direct sunlight, so did you know that usually they are planted next to tall trees such as mango and papaya that act as friendly parasols?!

Rose has been used for its’ medicinal properties for centuries, in India women have used the rose powder for everything from natural hair growth to lighting dark spots and blemishes. The plant is rich in vitamin C that stimulates collagen production therefore making your skin cells stronger. While we underestimated the good, old-fashioned rose, its’ wide range of skin and health benefits are actually quite amazing. It cools and soothes the entire body, it supports the nervous system with its’ balancing qualities, the antioxidants prevent formation of wrinkles so the regular use of rose powder helps cleanse, tone, exfoliate and tighten the skin, slowing down the aging. Because we are strong believers that you should only put on your body what you can eat, the rose powder is the supreme skin food that nourishes and moisturizes it. It naturally clears blemishes, it controls oil secretion acting as a natural astringent and tightening your pores. Rose powder can also be your friendly exfoliator that, in spite of its’ gentle texture, manages to get rid of excess dead cells, sebum, dirt and grime deposited in your facial pores. When summer is on, your body heats up and many of your skin problems come from inflammation. Rose powder acts as an anti-inflammatory cooling your face and body. Acne problems can also be addressed with rose powder that has relieving properties for your swollen, itchy skin. Vitamin C helps sooth the sunburnt skin, protects it from UV rays and prevents the growth of free radicals that do a lot of damage. Last but not least, your hair can also benefit from the magic powers of rose powder which can strengthen hair follicles, stimulate hair growth and leave your dry hair shiny and luscious. Time has come for a happy skin!

Kaolin clay is a naturally occurring clay found in soils developed in moist climates like the tropical rainforest. You can also find it under names like China clay, White clay or White Cosmetic clay among others. It exists in nature as a free element with varying pH and temperature. The kaolin clay is an amazingly versatile ingredient that makes for a non-harsh skincare product for sensitive skin types. The great effects on skin are mostly owed to the aluminum oxide and silica contained. It is a major active ingredient in care products and the beauty of it all is the natural form it occurs in. Among its’ list of benefits stands the detoxifying of the skin. The high silica content removes the dead skin and helps it regenerate. It purifies and moisturizes, helps eliminate toxins and the excess oil. By reducing the production of sebum, the skin remains smooth and dry which makes kaolin a good contender in the acne fighting game. Fun fact! The name “kaolin” is derived from a Chinese locality “Kauling” or “Kao-Ling” that means high ridge. The name belongs to a hill near Yaochao, China where the clay was mined back in the days. Natures’ power all combined into this all-natural ingredients face powder make for a trustworthy friend and ally in overcoming and controlling all the moods of your face skin.

So, now it is your time, tell us more what type of cosmetics are you using for your skin?

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