Argan Oil: The Power of A Drop.

Argan Oil: The Power of A Drop.

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Winter is coming.

You feel it everywhere. You armor up; scarves, and boots, thermal underwear, and multiple coats. Forebodingly, you leave the comfort of your lair: your skin is the first to take a hit. Cracks open around the sensitive bits of your nose. The cold begins to cut. Your lips open up and begin to bleed. Forsaken, you drop to your knees, your chin falls to your chest just as your eyebrows fall off your head and blow down the street.

Your fate is certain; you will die of exposure.

With sensitive, red cheeks you feel shame as your lips tremble and mouth a plea for a quick ending. Your arms and thighs are so dry they itch and scale. Your elbows and knees are rough and your hands are like the wings of a dragon. Your nails look as though they have seen one thousand winters.

With Sisyphean resolve, you claw yourself up and onto your trusty steed, get it started, and start the heater. It is only Tuesday… Winter is here…. Of course, you might live in Southern California or Arizona...

The Struggle is Real.

Dry hair has made brushing more difficult in the morning. No more soft and shiny hair like the commercial people, (not that you ever had that but at least you used to look more or less like human being). Instead you’ve got a bird’s nest with split ends to no end.

Your scalp suffers as well. Itchy and flaky, air conditioning in the summer was tough on you, but at least you’d go for a walk after every now and then and fresh air kept you alive. It kept your skin and hair in decent shape. But winter, with heaters running 24/7 - winter is the worst. Your environment shrunk suddenly to work, car and home, and your body and hair are showing the effects. 

So how can you mitigate the effects of winter and keep your soft, healthy skin and silky hair?

Must you live in a SPA?

Is it necessary to spend a small fortune on creams and shampoos, balms and conditioners and supplements? You drink gallons of water to stay hydrated from the inside, and yet, you still feel like a yellowing leaf on a tree ready to drop and instantly decompose.

You begin to ponder the feasibility of subcutaneous water injections and then realize you are exhausted and stressed from work, from life... [Editors Note - WTF?!]

You don’t have to drop $300 on endless creams and conditioners, shampoos and balms, full of chemicals. You would end up spending half your day just applying the stuff only to find out that the treatments do more harm than good!

There is a simpler, purer, solution! 

Click here for 5 ways to unleash Argan Oil's power in your favor.


Virginic Ola

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