Why Virginic Purity over Organic?

Why Virginic Purity over Organic?

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The great American author Kurt Vonnegut had an interestingly blunt but sensible understanding of the world we live in and this is his welcoming message to all of us: “Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It is round and wet and crowded. On the outside, babies, you've got a hundred years here. There's only one rule that I know of babies, " - God damn it, you've got to be kind! ”One of the best pieces of advice a person can receive in his/her lifetime is to be kind. Therefore, let us be kind with people around us, with animals cohabiting the world, with all surrounding nature and last but not least, let us be kind to ourselves. Kindness is a trait that comes from the inside, a seed that needs feeding, that grows in light of everything around and emerges on our body, skin, face. So let us be kind to ourselves and our bodies. Let us give nature a chance to protect us and heal us when needed.

Following the path of this philosophy, Virginic Purity was born. In need of a higher and more honest standard for body care and health promotion, Virginic came to life in order to produce and deliver pure products together with a guarantee that you receive a high standard for your care and well-being. The cosmetics/beauty/health marketplace has become suffocating and confusing to say the least, as every shelf in a store is screaming “bio” or “organic” and products come beautifully packed in green suggesting you are buying a wholesome and nutritious product. But the reality is we lack the ability to better distinguish between an actual naturally obtained care product a branded - targeted and “almost made it to organic” piece of product. In order to make a clear distinction between what is a Virginic standard product as opposed to organic let’s briefly explain the latter. For a product to be organic it needs to fulfill the ecological principles of organic agriculture, a regulated set of production standards which do not allow the use of artificial components such as chemically obtained pesticides, fertilizers, animal drugs or any genetically modified seeds or organisms. These standards refer to the entire process of obtaining organic produce from growing the plants, storage conditions, processing, packaging and shipping. Attention is paid to the handling of the products in the process in order to stay clear of non-organic contaminants. While all this is regulated and gives a sense of security towards the organic labeled products, the reality is that for a product to pass the authorization process it needs to contain a minimum of 95% organic materials and components excluding water and salt whilst the other 5% remain free to include chemical ingredients and preservatives. Although 5% might seem an acceptable percentage which you might think does not make much of a difference, in reality, this 5% could in fact make the difference on the look and the feel of your body over the years. The reality is that foods or products certified as organic are not necessarily pesticide free, some pesticides are actually allowed.

Moreover, in the grand scheme of corporate business that sees an opportunity in every high demanding sector, we remain vulnerable to the greed of companies that fill out the shelves and promote a healthy, organic, bio, eco lifestyle that we are not in control of. Legally, the use of the term “organic” on labels is restricted. This, however, gives an incentive to those who wish to sell organic products, but do not comply with the standards, leading to manipulation of regulation or the creation of misleading labels which read “natural” or “authentic”. The term “organic” offers a marketing advantage but does not guarantee the product is legitimately organic. This alone creates a basis for lack of trust and deceitfulness. There are countries without organic laws, government guidelines may or may not exist therefore we cannot rely on the universality of organic meaning. Certification can be handled by third parties and so there is no guarantee whatsoever of the truthfulness of a label. Now, here at Virginic Purity the most burning desire is to eliminate the “we’re not sure what that is” 5% in organic products and bring to you the 100% pure and natural care products. The Virginic ethos relies on all things natural, clean and pure and sincere. The VIRGINIC™ Certification wants to raise the bar for natural consumer products and aims to inspire other producers/companies along the way to adhere to this higher standard seeing as the world is now compromised by the manipulation of labels and laws. The ingredients used in our products are listed completely and are all ingestible. If you cannot eat it, it should not be anywhere on your body. Certified Virginic satisfies 16 principles represented by the 16 badges which any consumer can clearly read and understand to make sure the product does not violate any of his personal values or needs and most importantly, protects the world we live in.

The focus here is not solely on the consumer, but rather on the cycle of receiving and giving back, meaning we protect the environment, we respect the natural ingredients and nature itself takes care of our needs, minimizing the destructive effects of our industrial era. This brings us back to the kindness concept that means living mindfully, aware of our effect on the surroundings. Standing by this idea, the Virginic Certification brings a universal standard build on trust. We plan to earn the trust of our consumers by producing pure, artisanal products in small batches, formulated exclusively from plant based ingredients (plant oils, fruits, vegetables, herbs blossoms) without the use of chemicals. Virginic Purity does not tolerate the use of parabens, GMOs, petroleum modifiers, artificial colors, harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances, dairy products, animal abuse, non recyclable packaging, non-vegan products. The convincing speech of the beauty and health market ambassadors misguided by earnings takes a whole new form in the Virginic standard where trust earning occurs by actually delivering pure and honest products that have the power to prove their quality and benefits not just theoretically.
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