Activated Charcoal: The Mic Dropping Life Saving Ingredient.

  • Virginic Jeff
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Charcoal - A black, smudgy, substance, left over from burning organic matter. Hell yeah it is! On top of all that, word on the street is this: charcoal is making a play for control in your favorite beauty products. It also reminds me about the time I was forced to hold my friends penis. Freakin' mexican border towns... More on that later. A quick history... Fire good. Fire gamechanger. Fire make TukTuk warm. TukTuk now enjoy steak medium rare. TukTuk full and bored. TukTuk curious by nature. TukTuk notice wood now ash and charcoal. Some still red. TukTuk burn TukTuk but...


...Like a Donut in Butter

  • Virginic Ola
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The first time I heard of body butter I thought, what happened to good old body lotion? Is this supposed to be inviting? I’m not toast! But then I remembered my grandmother. A war survivor, she was lucky enough to not only survive, but to thrive the rest of her life. She never let the painful memories make her bitter. Quite the opposite in fact! She used to say, "I live here like a donut in butter". She wore gratitude and a warm smile and on her face as she directly translated a saying from her native tongue. Because of...


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