Sometimes the hardest thing to wear is your own skin

Sometimes the hardest thing to wear is your own skin

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Does your skin have a tendency to dry, crack and have an overall white, flaky look? Every time you shower you feel your skin tightening and making you uncomfortable? You probably feel doomed and unfairly treated by life when others around you seem to glow at all times and not even cringe due to dry skin. Well, it might make you feel slightly better to know that you are not alone. Oh, and this is an understatement. Actually, dry skin is a very common condition that affects most people.

The reasons for dry skin are multiple and are both externally and internally determined. But let’s take it step by step.

What is dry skin!? It is a condition described by lack of enough water in the superficial layer of the skin called the epidermis. The normal composition of the epidermis consists of proteins and fats (lipids) which are responsible for preventing the dehydration of the skin. A deficiency in either fats, proteins or both can cause the moisture of the skin to easily evaporate leaving our skin dry, more sensitive and prone to rashes, infections or breakdowns. In medical terms, dry skin is known as xerosis. Some body parts tend to be more frequently affected by this condition, such as the arms and hands, the lower part of our legs or the skin on our faces. Wondering if you could have done something in the past that could have prevented this issue or whether you are genetically prone to having dry skin?! Well, truth be told it could be either one of these aspects, but on the other hand you need to be aware that dry skin condition affects equally males and females, while elders seem to be much more prone to dry skin due to their diminished amounts of natural skin oils.

The cause for this is not an isolated one, but rather a mix of factors, internal and external ones. One basic and important thing that you can do is to keep well hydrated at all times, it will lower your chance of sucking your skin dry. Internal causing factors can mean anything from medical conditions, genetics to personal hygiene, overall health, age, medical history. But usually, most of us suffer from dry skin because of external, environmental factors such as low temperatures (the cold, winter season is a big party crasher), low humidity, over-washing, the use of harsh soaps, sanitizers or other aggressive chemical products, care products that are unsuitable for the skin and so on. The type of products that you use on your skin can have a great impact. Soaps and anti-bacterial cleansing lotions are emulsifiers that clean by removing oils from the skin, but these oils are also a protective mechanism that your body uses against harmful factors. The more you scrub with soaps and other chemicals, the more oils you remove leaving your skin vulnerable to the outside. Just as well, your moisturizer can do you more harm, than good, so it is very important to use a natural, pure and efficient one. Left untreated, your dry skin situation can worsen and result in complications such as eczema, dermatitis, bacterial infections, cellulitis or scared skin.

But worry no more, because if we were able to show you all the downs of dry skin, we sure can give you the recipe for hydrated and smooth skin as well.

Shea Butter is your friend in need, your friend indeed.

The best solution for dry skin is daily lubrication with an emollient which would prevent water evaporation from the skin and effectively keep your dry skin condition under control. Enter Shea Butter, the sweet natural product of the Shea (or else known as Karite) tree and its’ rich content of vitamins A, E, F, fatty acids and nutrients. The Shea butter makes for the perfect moisturizer as all the natural vitamins and nutrients work together to perfectly nourish your dry and damaged skin. It can also offer UV protection (~SPF 6) and contributes to collagen production in your skin.  Oleic, stearic, palmitic and linoleic acids are the main characters with the roles of protecting and nourishing the skin and efficiently preventing it from drying.

A study carried out in 2010 has brought to light the fact that, due to its cinnamic acid compound (in particular lupeol cinnamate) and other natural properties, Shea butter acts as an anti-inflammatory and can even be helpful in case of acne.

Therefore, if you suffer from dry skin condition, it is crucial that you choose an efficient and natural emollient to apply daily and massage unto your skin. The Shea butter has been a long time member of the Virginic community making its contribution in many of our pure products. If you wish to soothe your body, Virginic™ Body Butter Creamy Citrus is your go-to, 100% pure, vegan, whipped to perfection moisturizer. This creamy body butter is packed with Shea butter which replenishes your skin and protects it from drying. Aside from the yummy and rich Shea butter stand a few other natural wonder-ingredients: the strong Green Coffee Oil, the penetrating Castor Oil that keeps pores light and clean, the amazing anti-inflammatory Rose Water that cleanses the skin, Grapefruit Essential Oil that acts as a deep disinfectant, Lemongrass Essential Oil with its fresh citrus aroma and relieving properties, the best antioxidant in the world – Vitamin E, the remarkable Coconut Oil and the softening and absorbing Arrowroot Powder. All of these combined form the shortest, but most powerful list of ingredients that your body’s skin will thank you for later. *All ingredients are Certified Virginic™

Now that we took good care of your body, let’s focus on your face. It is not rarely that your face acts as a presentation card that provide people with a first impression and first impressions usually stick. When affected by dryness, the skin on your face can look crackly and flaky which gives it an overall unpleasant look. Not to mention that it leaves it exposed to dirt and other infections while the application of make-up products only worsen the condition. In addition to daily cleansing of your face, good quality hydration is key to preventing skin dryness and itchiness. Shea butter is equally helpful in moisturizing the skin of the face. Virginic™ Rich Hydrating Night Cream is your every night mystery kisser. What is your mystery kisser made of you may wonder!? Main stage is occupied by the deeply nourishing Shea butter and starring along are Vitamin E, Litsea Cubeba – the pores protector, Hazelnut Oil for toning and smoothness, Castor Oil which deeply penetrates the skin, the universal Coconut Oil, Rosemary extract that reduces puffiness, moisture-absorbing Arrowroot Powder, Lavender Essential Oil with healing properties and, last but not least, Chamomile Essential Oil to soothe and reduce inflammation. *All ingredients are Certified Virginic™

When suffering from dry skin condition, the main goal should be to prevent the loss of water from the epidermis, suppress the itching and restore the hydrated state of your skin. As advocates for the practice of all natural and non-harmful body care and producers of such pure products, Virginic™ recommends the use of our Shea butter based emollients with a guarantee for satisfaction, ethical behavior and care for the environment.

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