Sleep: The Undervalued Ingredient of a Successful Life

Sleep: The Undervalued Ingredient of a Successful Life

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Most often, sleep is the one we sacrifice whenever we need or want to get something done, feeling like we gain more productive time. From inception to the end of our days, sleep is the one constant act in our lives and its pattern changes together with our body and age. As infants, we sleep more than half a day, around 16 hours combined throughout the day. In adolescence up to 10 hours of sleep a night are requested by our body in order to keep healthy, highly functioning and able to keep up with daily tasks. Gradually entering adulthood, the sleep cycle regulates and the needed amount of time spent resting averages at 7-8 hours every night.

Although sleep time reduces through the years, our chores, duties, responsibilities and the stress that comes along become more numerous. In order to successfully handle them, we need better night sleep. With an emphasis on night, because sleeping during the day or from late hours does not account for healthy sleep routine. Sleep is the balancer of body and mind, it gives us energy, supports intellectual function and mood. Tiredness impairs functions, makes you unable to focus and be productive.

Lack of quality sleep feels bad and looks bad. A well-rested person will function at a much intense level, their mind will be in the right place, creativity unchained, energy boosted, weight normalized and overall, beautiful and healthy looking.

During the sleep period, the body regulates its functions, heart rate, breathing, blood pressure. Hormones are secreted and released in aid of cell reparation and revitalization. Imagine you deprive the body of all this spa sessions and slowly, it keeps on accumulating toxins and fat while some functions get lost just like a plant that does not receive enough water and sunlight. Let us all take advantage of the circadian rhythm and even aid it a little bit. During the night sleep, while cells work to refill their buckets with energy and glow, we can ease their chores a bit by applying a rich and invigorating night cream. Fusing together the great Shea butter, Rosemary extract, plant oils, vitamin E and a selection of generous essential oils, Virginic™ Rich Hydrating Night Cream is the perfect skin cells aid for regeneration. Hazelnut Oil is the pure ingredient pressed out of the hazelnuts with a very strong flavor, rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Because of the high amount in vitamin E (about 86% of the daily requirement) coupled with vitamins A and C and the powerful antioxidant, the hazelnut oil can prevent the onset of wrinkles and lines on the skin. It acts as a great moisturizer as well, partly because of the same vitamin E richness and partly because of the fats that help the skin remain soft and nourished.

When in summer and the sun shines in all its glory, hazelnut oil can be your shield from the harmful effect of the UV rays. The antioxidants playing along with the flavonoids found in hazelnut oil are able to keep the skin light and ravishing, stimulate the cells regeneration and eliminate the dead cells in order to look younger.

Dry and sensitive skin is having a party whenever receiving a drop of hazelnut oil, while acne prone skin can also benefit by making a scrub out of hazelnut oil and coffee beans.

Want to keep your skin healthy, firm and commercial-looking like?! Who doesn’t!? Vitamin A is a good answer to all your prayers. It is represented by a group of compounds in their active forms: retinal, retinol and retinoic acid and some provitamin carotenoids. Feed your body vitamin A through your skin and rejoice at the effects. It offers good protection against UV damage and slows down the aging signs on your skin. The carotenoids, which are powerful antioxidants, fight off the free radicals that break down collagen and permit fine lines and saggy skin to install. The active retinol, retinal and retinoidic acid are the powerplant of cell production and growth, therefore, vitamin A will stimulate fibroblasts, the developers of tissue, and proceed to keeping skin firm and healthy. Vitamin A in topically used creams and lotions has been proven to lighten brown spots on the skin and boost radiance by normalizing the skin cells turnover and making room for new, healthier cells that are light and evenly distributed. When battling acne, vitamin A, by stimulating the cell turnover also helps up the pores do the same, therefore keeping them unclogged and clear.

As a small tip: be sure to read labels on your care products and search for the retinol active ingredient rather than retinyl palmitate, because the first one is more potent and less irritating.

Also, do not get scared if you observe redness, sensitivity or dryness on your skin when starting to use vitamin A based products, it is just a small period of acclimatization and will soon normalize.

Among the millions of plants and spices, Rosemary, this little perennial herb originating in the Mediterranean region, is one of the most commonly used and comes in various forms: tea, essential oil or liquid extract.

Ancient civilizations considered Rosemary to be sacred and has been given cute names like “Dew of the Sea” or “Old Man”.

Its content is packed with vitamins (A, C, B6), minerals (magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, manganese), antioxidants (carnosol, rosmarinic acid, diterpene). The range of benefits is so wide that we could read up all night and be dazzled. But the easiest to spot ones, are those it brings to the skin. And you do wear your skin proudly every day. The antioxidants in rosemary visibly improves the quality of skin. The healing of blemishes and enhancement of natural shine makes it a great anti-aging weapon and the extract enriched with citrus supplements can prevent the damage done by UV light.

Lavender’s original name is Lavare, which in Latin means “to wash”, it cannot get straighter forward than this. The essential oil that comes out of lavender is mainly extracted from the flowers of the plant through steam distillation. The strong fragrance of lavender has been turning it into a widely used source of potpourri and perfumes. Among the many benefits this essential oil has, like sleep inducer, stress and anxiety reliever, urine flow normalizer, blood circulation improver, digestion aid or hair care, skin wise it is a reliable source of antioxidants which can slow down the aging process and not only. It can be an efficient cure for acne, and not just the puberty kind, but also adult one. Acne is characterized by sore, red deposits on the face and body skin formed from bacterial infections and favored by excess sebum secretion. By not being able to properly secrete and eliminate the sebum through the cells and pores, it begins to build up and create an environment that feeds bacteria and makes the skin irritated, infected, sore and left with long-lasting scars after treatment. Lavender oil works on both fronts by trying to regulate some of the sebum secretion and inhibiting the bacteria that cause the infection in the first place. It offers great relief and healing aid with just a small amount added in creams and ointments. Aside from acne treatment, lavender bravely intervenes in other skin disorders such as psoriasis, and eczema. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and improves formation of scar tissues speeding up the healing process.

We are all familiar with chamomile, the pretty yellow-centered little flower with white tiny petals and its numerous benefits. Probably growing up you got served with chamomile tea more times than your actually felt the need to drink something and girls maybe experienced the face treatment with chamomile vapors. However, this plant is part of the ancient ailments crew.

The essential oil is extracted from the flowers of the plant and there are two known types of chamomile. The Roman one and the German one. The oils extracted from both these types of chamomile possess very similar medicinal properties, but their compositions do differ with some fine specific qualities worth considering. Overall, the Roman kind is a more calming version, while the German kind has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect due to the content of Azulene. Whichever one you use, the benefits are worthwhile. In the world of cosmetics however, its popularity is owed to the ability to remove spots, marks and scars from the skin. In case of wounds, cuts or bruises, the chamomile essential oil becomes a protector against infections and speeds up the cicatrization.

Virginic™ Rich Hydrating Night Cream comes packed with all these goodies plus the powerful vitamin E antioxidant, the lemony Litsea Cubeba Oil, the full of fatty acids, amazing Shea butter, the penetrating Castor oil, the tropical treasure of Coconut oil and the deeply-absorbing Arrowroot Powder. Now imagine all of these gifts of nature coming into action during your healthy night sleep and working together with your body’s natural regeneration and invigoration system! Spot on! (Or most likely spot free!).

Most people enjoy the occasional or regular infusion of plants and other supplements in the form of tea that sooth our body from the inside and leave it trembling with health and good feels. Imagine the same but for your skin from the outside. Fusing together a selection of targeted essential oils like Jasmine, Tangerine, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Rosehip Seed and a pinch of Vitamin A & E, the Virginic™ Night Repair Face Serum brings to the table a handful of naturals that penetrate the skin, become one with the structure and leaves it healthy, radiant and youthful. We have talked plenty about the benefits of vitamins A and E, about the mesmerizing Sweet Almond Oil or the alleviating Rosehip Seed Oil. It is time to welcome to the stage scented Jasmine, sweet Tangerine and fatty Avocado.

Jasmine’s health benefits go a long way, from antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic to sedative, cicatrizing and expectorant. This very famous flower has an intense aroma, dazzling smell and sweet, pleasing fragrance. From its flowers, essential oil is extracted and used widely in the cosmetic and beauty industry among others. As a strong cicatrizing, jasmine oil can help fade out the spots, scars and marks left by acne, boils or various wounds including the stretch marks that pregnant women are left with. For dehydrated or brittle skin, Jasmine Essential oil is a God sent being able to treat eczema and dermatitis as well.

Tangerine is the soul sister of mandarin, almost identical citrus fruits that share a Latin name of Citrus reticulata. Native from China, these fruits have spread all over the world and give us the benefits of essential oils extracted through cold compression of the peels. Part of this oil’s components help stimulate the production of new cells and the recycling of cellular material throughout the body. By doing so, it aids the healing and repair of a weary, damaged body. Being a depurative, blood flows clear through the body and skin cells glow in their lack of toxins, pollutants and other unwanted substances. Plus, the antioxidant limonene found in tangerine has the power to uplift the spirit and the skin.

“Avocado on toast” should be the motto of the ultimate healthy diet and if you haven’t tried this superfood yet you have cost your body a great deal so far. It is green, fatty and great for your skin. Keeps hormones at ease, improves blood circulation and can help you in your weight loss quest. However, the key to success lays in the fruit’s oil. Just to list a few of the thousands of benefits of this great ingredient, avocado oil is very good at keeping your heart healthy, has one of the highest contents of the magical vitamin E, improves digestion and is great with weight loss support, flushes down toxins relieving your organs of stress and discomfort, promotes hair growth, acts as anti-inflammatory and anti-itching agent caused by diverse skin conditions and gets your wounds healing faster than you can pronounce avocado. But because we are mainly focusing on pampering our face skin, you need to know that avocado oil provides nourishment due to the vitamins and minerals it contains. It speeds up the skin’s ability to regenerate and create stronger cells. The epidermis is quick to absorb the oil, feeding the cells with vitamin E, potassium and lecithin.

These power compounds are the favorite dish of the skin cells and the energy source of new skin formation. We believe you need no more convincing. Your skin will be thankful during the night for this short, but plentiful list of ingredients mixed together in the Virginic™ Night Repair Face Serum. Before hydrating your face and neck with the Night Cream, clean it and exfoliate it gently and then, with a few drops of the Night Serum rubbed and activated between the palm of your hand, press it repeatedly for 60 seconds to get the best results. Leave a 5 minutes pause before moisturizing to allow the serum to get fully absorbed.

Now that you have worked up your sleep schedule, set an early bed time and spoiled your face with the purest Virginic care products, would you be willing to renounce your comfy pajamas and get a good night of naked sleep!? Here’s a few funny facts about sleeping naked: Studies have made compelling arguments about the necessity of a quality night sleep in order to help your brain remove toxic proteins inside the neurons and clear your neural activity. If your sleep is short or lacking in depth, the brain cannot complete the task efficiently which leaves your ability to think, process information and solve problems impaired. Logically, to prevent this from happening we need to make sure that our sleep is as good as it can get. A University of Amsterdam study reached the conclusion that sleep gets better and deeper as your body temperature drops. Therefore, getting rid of your clothes ensures a lower body temperature hence a restful sleep. Sleep is also essential in keeping cortisol levels normal and the stress at bay. So, get -stress free with sleep-full nights. Keeping your body colder was also shown to speed your metabolism which, you’ve guessed, improves your weight loss rate. Blood circulation improves as well and along with it so does the state of your muscles and heart. Do you ever hear the saying “attitude makes all the difference”?! It cannot get more truthful than this. Confidence is the pillar of success and for you to be confident you need to feel good and look good. The University of Melbourne conducted a study that indicates that more confident people are earning higher wages and getting promoted more often. Sleeping naked strips you of your inhibitions, makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin, accept yourself easily and boosts your self-esteem. In conclusion, if you managed to stay focused and read up to here, than you have just discovered a recipe for better looks, healthier body and awesome living style.

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