Shine on you crazy sebum

Shine on you crazy sebum

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There is no one person around this free world of ours that does not face some type of skin problem. Although anatomically and physiologically we share the same basic material, our complex genetically determined bodies develop distinctly in much the same way as our dreams and goals are different. Since we previously discussed dry skin, what it means and how to treat it, in this chapter we are debating the opposite problem – oily skin in a closer relation with acne and the struggles it imposes.

Suffering from oily skin is usually harder to hide, the aspect of your face in particular will give away your problem as your skin will be coated with layers of sebum. This overproduction of oil by the sebaceous glands can be determined by various factors: heredity - skin types are usually inherited from parents, diet - especially one consisting of processed foods, excess caffeine, lots of sugars, fats and salt, pregnancy – during your pregnant months you experience a hormonal imbalance that can lead your gland to secret more oil than normal, puberty – much like pregnancy, puberty is characterized by a change in hormonal secretion which can give you your first peek into oily skin type, seasonal changes – during winter the skin tends to dry from the low temperatures and become flaky, while the hot season favors the production of skin oils leaving you with a shiny face, stress – this is a factor for many of our problems, from health conditions to mood swings and other debilitating states, therefore a contender for oily skin causing factor. Nonetheless, your choice in skin care products can just as well influence the aspect and overall health of your skin. Using the wrong care, chemically enhanced, mass manufactured and harsh products, we are running the risk of attacking our skin, over cleansing and over exfoliating. In turn, our skin will start producing more and more sebum in order to protect itself and compensate for the intense removal of natural oils that can even become obsessive.

An oily skin creates a fertile soil for acne which adds yet another problem to the table. Breakouts can often occur on the face, blackheads camping all over the face at the surface of the pores which are usually larger than normal, make-up and foundation do not last or change composition when mixing with the excess sebum, all of these are consequences of an oily skin. Since we have already discussed acne and the benefits of using Virginic™ Night Repair Face Serum that combines some versatile and soothing natural essential oils with a focus on the avocado oil, this time, to address the oily skin condition, we bring to you the key ingredient from nature’s loving arms – the Arrowroot Powder.

This ancient plant known as “Ararot” in Hindi originates in South America and from its roots the powdery starch is extracted. The starch is dried in the sun forming the arrowroot powder with a fine, clear white and odorless aspect. The powder obtained is naturally gluten-free, grain-free, vegan and paleo-friendly. Its popularity was mainly gained in the food industry where it is largely used as a thickening agent. But its powers extend far beyond the kitchen doors and up in our bathroom counters. Your skin is smiling at the touch of the arrowroot powder being a great herbal remedy for various skin conditions.

The particular composition of the powder is light, soft and extremely absorbent which brings us spot on to our oily skin problem. The ability to penetrate the outside layer of the skin and absorb the moisture is a game changer when used in cosmetics and applied on greasy skin. It has been long used in body powder, for adults as well as for babies, being able to treat sores, wounds, rashes, dry blemishes and leave the skin silky and smooth. After cleansing and hydrating the skin, the powder contained in your face care product will reach deep into your skin, activate the ingredients and gently soak up the excess sebum. Not only will your face look tight and balanced, but it will feel much more comfortable without all the amount of natural oil clogging your pores and suffocating the skin.

Virginic™ Translucent Botanical Face Powder is the result of careful manufacturing using all the ingredients in their primary state, natural and vegan. As opposed to other face powders existent on the market that usually use the carcinogenic Talcum Powder as an ingredient, the Translucent Botanical Face Powder uses this pure, high standard alternative – the arrowroot powder. Hand in hand with the arrowroot go a few other ingredients that will help absorb the moist and unburden your face from the oily excess: Cacao Powder – full of antioxidants and minerals that make your blood flow and your face heal beautifully, Kaolin Clay – the ultimate detoxifier that will reduce the sebum on your skin giving it a sweet matte finish, Rose Powder – it takes care of your oily skin problem in a gentle way, without stripping it entirely of the sebum protection, yet leaving it fresh and light.

As simple and easy as that, the Translucent Botanical Face Powder has enough weapons to take care of your face skin non-aggressively, but efficiently. Because a good, powerful product will not get the job done on its own, you need to be the enabler by taking into account a few simple tricks that will help you make the most out of your powder. Here we go!

Before applying the powder on your oily skin, you should gently dab the areas with excess oil with a cosmetic paper tissue or a cotton pad to even out your face. After evenly pampering your face with the powder, you can then put on some more only on your key areas like the T zone and chin. Because the powder tends to adhere to your skin in quite a gross amount, it would be best to make sure that your concealer and foundation are evenly distributed.

Wondering whether the face powder can be used in combination with make-up or not!? Yes it can, what is more, Virginic™ Translucent Botanical Face Powder will help your make-up last longer. All you need to do it apply a thin layer of powder around your eye area before applying the make-up. Not only will it help it stick for a longer period of time, but it will also make it easy for you to remove any traces of unwanted make-up that you can almost never avoid in the process. You simply dust the powder away together with those mascara or eye shadow traces. Lastly, to ensure a longer lifespan for your powder, it is recommended you store it in a cool, dry place without access to direct sunlight. Because we love and stand behind all living things, we are bringing to you all natural, cruelty-free and vegan packed products made entirely by ourselves in the safest conditions, maybe even obsessively sanitary. We wish for you to have the utmost experience in using Virginic products and for your body to feel thankful over the years to come. And if your oily skin feels like giving it a go, this is where you can buy our Translucent Botanical Face Powder.


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