Never hide your smile again and speak up for everything you stand for!

Never hide your smile again and speak up for everything you stand for!

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Our bodies have some naturally developed mechanisms through which they indicate when something is wrong or simply protect it from potential harm. Although it is reassuring to know that our bodies can take care of themselves to some extend and we will not crash suddenly for no apparent reason, some of these mechanisms can embarrass us in certain social situations. The most common problems of this nature are unpleasantly smelling sweat through which our body simply ventilates, smelly feet that result after long days spend with our shoes on especially during hot summer season, sweat stains or bad breath. We have developed answers to all these uncomfortable problems, but most of them are temporary and life puts us in all kinds of situations when we cannot control our body’s response. Showers, deodorant and basically general hygiene are very good practices that we all use, only sometimes there are other underlying causes that can still create an incredible amount of distress. Moreover, there is another good practice called tolerance but that is not as wide spread as you would think so no comfort there.

Many people are affected by halitosis, or what we ordinarily call bad breath. While 1 in 4 people are estimated to have a bad breath on a daily basis, halitosis is also the third most common reason for them to reach out and seek dental care. Tooth decay and gum disease made it to the top 2 places. There are some widespread potential causes for this as well as treatments available, but it all comes down to oral hygiene. Some lifestyle changes and the use of natural remedies can improve the health of your mouth cavity and if these fail you should seek medical attention.
Tobacco consumption will leave your mouth with a specific, unpleasant smell together with a risk for gum disease which in turn will contribute to bad breath. Food residue is left after chewing and infiltrates between the teeth and inside the periodontal bags promoting plaque formation which is basically bacteria stacking on your teeth and gums. This is another cause for halitosis. Saliva has a very important role in your mouth’s health, it lubricates the inner membrane, gums, teeth, tongue and naturally cleanses them. Deficit of saliva production or a dry mouth caused by dehydration will increase chances of developing a bad breath.
Regular, daily oral hygiene through correctly brushing and flossing will prevent the bacterial film known as plaque to form, which will irritate the gums and cause inflammation that evolves into periodontitis. The harboring of bacteria and decomposed food particles becomes a constant source of halitosis. Crash diets that are based on fasting or low carbohydrate intake are another source for halitosis due to ketosis, the breakdown of fats in the body. The ketones have a very strong, unpleasant aroma.

Some other conditions that need additional care and treatment can also be the culprits for bad breath as a side effect and these include infections in the mouth, nose or throat, foreign bodies that obstruct the nasal cavity, various severe diseases like cancer, liver failure or other metabolic disorders. The odor released when suffering from halitosis has the same large spectrum as the potential causes, but the main prevention and treatment is the same: brushing at least twice a day for 2 minutes, flossing to clean every surface of the teeth, disinfecting and cleaning any dental appliance like dentures, bridges, retainers. Brushing the tongue and cheeks, staying hydrated to avoid mouth dryness and having a balanced diet without excessive consumption of strong scented foods.

The sacred and mandatory act of brushing requires toothpaste and choosing one that serves you best is quite difficult in this large consumer market. We answer your confusion with Virginic™ Activated Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste Minty Way. It blends together the purest ingredients that will bring your oral hygiene to a higher standard, keeping bacteria away and naturally removing coffee, tea or wine stains, not to mention the fresh breath of delicious peppermint.

Peppermint is probably the most popular plant on the entire planet Earth, widely used in the manufacturing of toothpaste, tea, chewing gum, ice cream, shampoos and soaps, cigarettes, pastry and any other guilty pleasure you can imagine. The Peppermint Oil is the carrier of infinite benefits that include treating indigestion, headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, fever, stomach spasms and pain. Its’ most valued possessions are menthol, menthone, peppermint, methyl esters and peppermint oil. In matters of dental and oral hygiene, the peppermint oil with its antiseptic properties, is able to eliminate halitosis, fight germs and treat toothaches. Because it aids in preventing general oral conditions, it also eliminates the risk of developing a bad breath. The fresh and savory taste is the cherry on top and the reason many have embraced the use of peppermint altogether.

The Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest and most complete minerals source salt on the planet. Combined, there are 84 minerals in this salt making it a natural product with tremendous therapeutic benefits. Aside from the obvious use in the kitchen, the Himalayan pink salt comes in handy in maintaining oral hygiene. Getting rid of halitosis is just a gurgle away. Mixed with water gives us an efficient solution for infections, sore or bleeding gums that can also favor bad breath. A swish of the same solution can help in case of infected teeth by drawing out bacteria, germs and pathogens. As we have previously discussed, a balanced oral environment with a neutral pH can go a long way with keeping a healthy oral cavity and the pink Himalayan salt is essential in neutralizing mouth acidity and restoring the natural flora. What is more, it can regulate hydration levels in the body which in turn will prevent your mouth from going dry. A healthy amount of saliva will protect enamel, cleanse teeth and gums and eliminate plaque formation. Daily brushing with brine solution will harmonize the oral cavity, soothe gum bleeding, fight periodontal diseases, sores and, most importantly for a happy, confident social life, eliminate bad breath.

Virginic™ Activated Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste Minty Way or toothpaste from heaven if you will, is a chemical-free, vegan and smooth blend of the amazing Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder, the toxin’s train ride outside the body, Peppermint Essential Oil that terminates anaerobic bacteria and leaves a minty fresh breath, Coconut Oil which promotes healthy gums, bacteria-free and white teeth, Baking Soda, a mild abrasive that can remove built-up plaque and clear slightly discolored teeth and the mineral-rich Himalayan Pink Salt. Get your delicious Minty Way Toothpaste here, never hide your smile again and speak up for everything you stand for!

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