So much power in such a tiny bottle

So much power in such a tiny bottle

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Golden Jojoba Oil has a unique quality among its fellow vegetable oils. It has a waxy consistency, strongly resembling sebum, the naturally secreted substance of our body which makes it the perfect skin conditioner. The oil is extracted from the Jojoba nut that Native Americans have been using since the beginning of time to care for skin and hair, but also as nutritious food when survival was at risk. Due to its low melting point, the Jojoba wax remains liquid all the time and can be easily used on skin without leaving a greasy feel. In raw form, the oil has a nutty smell and golden color, but in its refined form jojoba oil is odorless and ideal for cosmetic use.

The harsh environment we live in attacks our body every day, our skin acts as a barrier to all these harmful factors by producing sebum to lubricate and prevent dryness. The simple act of washing our hand or faces with plain water, not to mention the use of soaps and other chemicals, leaves our skin vulnerable to exterior threats and unable to secrete sebum at the fast pace that it is attacked.

Because of its waxy consistency and natural sebum resemblance, the jojoba oil is tolerated by the skin and is able to seal in the moisture protecting it from irritating outside factors. A few drops rubbed in after washing and before bedtime leaves the skin soft and smooth. Oily face, on the other hand, can create problems by nesting the dust and other impurities on your face and making you feel the need to frequently wash. An excess sebum secretion on your face and scalp is not only unpleasant looking, but also uncomfortable and surprisingly, jojoba oil can help regulate the sebum production by keeping the skin hydrated and protected. This way, the sebaceous gland will not feel the need to produce as much sebum as it used to compensate for the dryness of the skin. Hormonal imbalance that kicks off in teenage years and can persist well into adulthood has “gifted” us with one more problem – acne. Excess sebum production, accumulation of sebum, keratin and other debris block out cells and hair follicles and lead to the formation of comedones which can then complicate with bacterial infections. The jojoba oil can become extremely helpful through its anti-inflammatory effect and deep cleanser properties. It can penetrate deep into the cell or follicle and help break down the sebum deposits. With regular use it can help control acne. Whenever your lips dry, jojoba oil can act as a lip balm replacement by locking up the moisture and keeping lips soft.

Winter time or harsh working conditions can leave our hands and feet sore and cracked. These parts of our body get the most usage, our hands come in contact with almost anything while our feet carry the weight all around and neither of them have the benefit of the sebaceous glands to help keep them protected the same way. Therefore, we need to apply extra care and jojoba oil can come in handy with this too. Massaging the oil on our hands and feet skin regularly can prevent infections developing in cracked skin and keep it smooth and hydrated. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition which causes dead cells to build up on the skin resulting in inflammation and scaling. The itchy, dry patches that form on the skin are prone to further infections, but the use of jojoba oil has offered great relief.

Another inflammation this oil can relieve and do some damage control, is the one from sunburn. Even if using sunscreen every time you go the beach, the skin needs protection all the time, every day because sun burning can occur by simply walking up and down the streets of your city. Jojoba oil can create a protective waxy layer, help regenerate and normalize you skin mostly due to the vitamin E and B-complex in its composition. Through sebaceous control and nutritious qualities, this oil unclogs hair follicles preventing hair loss and conditions dry and frizzy hair. A thin waxy coating protects the hair from dust and dryness. Not to mention that by keeping your scalp moist and healthy, dandruff can be a problem you no longer have to deal with.

So much power in such a tiny bottle of Virginic™ Golden Jojoba Oil. Talking about essential oils, did you check out the cooling Virginic™ 100% Pure Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil?! Peppermint is native to Europe, being a hybrid of watermint and spearmint. The oils are a result of steam distillation of the aerial parts of the plant. Having gained the title for world’s oldest medicine, the peppermint has been appreciated for years on end and its benefits have been documented and scientifically proven. The oil gathered from the plant contains lots of minerals and nutrients including iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium, copper, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and C.

The health benefits of this amazing oil are so extensive that a book could be written on the spot, but let us sum up a few. Muscle soreness, joint pain, swelling or uncomfortable inflammation can be reduced by applying this oil on the affected areas. Through inhalation of peppermint oil your sinuses can get rid of congestion and can also ease the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, cold or cough. It can very well act as an energy booster with its analgesic qualities by keeping you focused and concentrated on your daily tasks and struggles. When spring sets in and nature blooms so do allergies. Peppermint oil together with clove and eucalyptus oils can help relax your nasal passages and clear out the mucus and pollens in your airways. It can be your super anti-itch buddy or the best natural cooling aid if your get sunburnt or a fever is giving you a hard time. Instead of running to the pharmacy to buy over-priced analgesic pills, you can simply apply on your forehead and temples or inhale some amazing peppermint oil and your headaches or nausea will cool off due to its relaxing and soothing effect.

Skin care is a big department for peppermint oil. It has the ability to cool the skin, nourish it if looking dull or give a uniform texture to greasy areas. Moreover, it can help with acne issues because of its anti-microbial effect by naturally cleaning the skin of allergens or bacteria responsible for pimple formation. The antiseptic, regenerative and stimulating effects of the oil on a dry and irritated scalp promotes hair growth and leaves it looking fresh and shiny. Probably our mind would not associate dental & oral hygiene with an oil-based product, but in reality the peppermint oil has the antiseptic properties necessary to eliminate halitosis (bad breath), fight germs and alleviate toothaches. Needless to say that many toothpastes have peppermint oil in their composition. On a more medical note, this oil can be of great help with respiratory problems by clearing the respiratory tract and stimulating expectoration, in case of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by relaxing the muscles of the gastro-intestinal tract and relieving abdominal pain, with colic’s in infancy or with digestive problems like bloating, motion sickness, upset stomach and pain. It is also well known for reducing stress, mental exhaustion and anxiety. As extraordinary as this peppermint oil might seem it is advisable to control the amount and frequency of use because negative effects caused by overuse can occur.

The best part is you can have all this in just a tiny bottle of essential oil that your body will be thankful for and the environment blissful and protected. A strong and clear argument was made to strike our concern for personal care and the types of products we willfully put on our bodies. We have been already trying to avoid all the nasty chemicals and toxic ingredients by choosing organically certified and natural products, but loopholes appear everywhere with time and there is no guarantee whatsoever for the actual composition of an organic labeled containers. Education is our most valued weapon against harmful factors and knowledge about what surrounds us, what is good for us and in what form can make the difference. As a principle to guide us through the cosmetic and beauty market keep in mind a simple idea: if you are having a hard time pronouncing it, do not use it! But with Virginic Certified products, labels are no longer a nuisance and the 16 badges stand for all there is pure and natural, easy to understand and trustworthy.

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