...Like a Donut in Butter

...Like a Donut in Butter

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The first time I heard of body butter I thought, what happened to good old body lotion? Is this supposed to be inviting? I’m not toast! But then I remembered my grandmother. A war survivor, she was lucky enough to not only survive, but to thrive the rest of her life. She never let the painful memories make her bitter. Quite the opposite in fact!

She used to say, "I live here like a donut in butter".

She wore gratitude and a warm smile and on her face as she directly translated a saying from her native tongue.

Because of her, I decided to see what it’s like to feel like a donut in butter

Will it be greasy? Oily? Heavy? Will it clog my pores or even worse stain my pajamas? My skin is dry and sensitive so I don’t really like trying new cosmetics. I stick with what I know works well. But I just kept thinking about that saying… like a donut in butter. So I went for it and I am glad I did! I found myself enjoying a sort of happy-as-a-pig-in-a-mud kind of bliss.

There are a lot of body butters. But which one will make you feel like a donut in butter?

Let’s start with the ingredients. When I was younger and more naive, I didn’t care what I bought as long as the price was reasonable and the smell was nice. But the wiser I get the more I care, and know! I care about: my skin, the environment,  and the process of how the cosmetics are made. I am happy to see there are customers and companies that care as well. 

Virginic.com Pure organic body butter

Achieving Donut Level Satisfaction requires, Virginic Ingredients...

  • Shea butter is full of vitamin A and E it’s a natural moisturizer and gives a nice glow as it softens, while reducing stretch marks and cellulite. It works miracles in winter when my skin is even drier than usually. Shea butter in butter making buttery-butter body butter better!

Which reminds me of one of my grandma’s other sayings.  When she was really old people would explain the same things to her over and over as if she were a child. She’d look at them annoyed and mumble, "buttery butter!". She was sharp like a knife until the very end.

Green coffee oil. Body butter. Virginic.com

  • Green coffee oil: Full of flavonoids and antioxidants. It has emollient and anti-aging properties, and, well, it’s made of coffee so it must be good!
  • Castor oil: Good for healing skin inflammation, slowing down skin aging, preventing stretch marks and of course moisturising.
  • Coconut oil: It keeps the skin moisturized, prevents moisture loss through the skin’s pores and give the skin a healthy, smooth and even tone.

Pure coconut oil. Virginic.com, body butter

So how is it that it doesn’t feel greasy? With all the oils and buttery-butters added you should feel like a soggy french fry! The genius of our product is that by adding arrowroot powder, it only makes skin silkier and smoother by enabling it to absorb moisture without the greasy feeling.

Natural body butter. Virginic.com

And perhaps most importantly, to me at least, scents! Smell is still one of the most important factors for me when choosing a skin care product. If it passes the smell test, it is in, if not... then NOT!

Natural body butter. Virginic.com

If you are as olfactory-centric as I am try Virginic’s Body Butter: it smells of rose water, lemongrass and grapefruit, which on their own can be appealing, but together, WOW!  I could eat it with a spoon! Or maybe even, I don’t know, take a bite like it were a donut!

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