How to get smooth and shiny hair using Virginic products?

How to get smooth and shiny hair using Virginic products?

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Hair is maybe one of our most treasured physical traits. It offers contour to our face, accentuate some of our features and can be a reliable tool for attractiveness. Contrary to common belief, hair is a lifeless part of our bodies so next time you see a commercial for some miracle shampoo that “revitalizes” the hair, know that it is technically impossible for it to do that. Marketing works most times, but that does not make it good. Even though our hair is not alive per se, it does need constant and specific care in order to remain healthy and look shiny and luscious. One of the drawbacks of it growing on the outside of our body is the fact that it gets exposed to anything surrounding us from fabrics we wear to dirt and weather conditions. All of these factors are damaging it constantly and gradually. This leads us to having dry or oily hair, discolored, brittle and frizzy, with split ends. Not only it is a sign of hair illness so to speak, it also looks unpleasant and gives us an overall bad image. And this applies not only to head hair for women, but also to men’s facial hair that needs just as much grooming. Aside from the usual conditions that our hair has to stand, we push it even further making it an experimental ground for all of our crazy looks idea.

The normal hair strand consists of three layers: medulla – the inner layer, cortex – the middle layer surrounding the medulla and the cuticle – the outer layer that is in charge of protecting the hair. Every time the cuticle is damages, hair becomes exposed and prone to becoming dry and brittle. Heat, sun, pollution, chemicals, mechanical stress are all enemies of the hair strand. The causes of damaged hair are one too many, but we will shortly discuss them to shed some light upon the treatment our hair gets from the very one who wears it.

Bleaching is one of the worst processes that you can put your hair through. The cuticle is forced to open in order for the pigment to be removed. If hair were indeed alive it would be in tremendous pain. What is sure is that the hair will remain weak, easy to break and with split ends. Dying the hair stands right there next to bleaching in terms of damage, because the chemicals inside a hair dye are extremely harmful making the hair shaft porous, breaking its layers down. Even if you then take proper care of your dyed hair, the damage will still persist for months. Getting a perm is another structural damage that your hair suffers. It is the process through which applied chemicals break the bonds in your hair structure and rejoin them in a different way in order for you to get a curly hair instead of your natural straight one. No additional explanation is needed there. Maybe the next one will not sound so bad, but wearing it up in a ponytail too often puts constant pressure on the roots leading to excessive hair fall. Over brushing is a word, yes. Too much friction applied to your hair will weaken it, make it frizzy looking, hair knots will form and the ends will eventually split. Just like brushing too much can happen, so does over washing it and over shampooing it. By doing so the hair is stripped by its natural oils that form a protective layer and will start to dry out, split and fall much easier than before.

Just like simple sun exposure can burn your hair and girls, you see this every summer on your dyed long hair, how it becomes lifeless and loses the original color, the same or worse happens when regularly using blow dryers, curling irons or straighteners. The heat is way high in those electrical appliances and your hair can only take so much of that stress at once. Pair this with hair products full of chemicals and alcohol and you’ve got yourself a hair murdering recipe. We know it sounds harsh, but leaving the hair without moisture, water and oils is like starving a puppy and still wanting it to be playful and happy. Now, all of these apply to women and men equally, plus men also need to deal with their facial hair that needs tending and grooming just as much.

One beautiful ailment for smooth and shiny hair is the wonderful Sweet Almond Oil. Rich in vitamins A, B1, B6 and E, the oil extracted from the edible almonds is a safe ticket to healthy hair. Vitamin A is the powerhouse for healthy cell membranes, the B complex promotes hair growth while vitamin E, the best antioxidant the world has given us, takes care of the steady blood flow which feeds the skin and hair follicles with nutrients. A deficiency in magnesium, calcium or zinc can result in poor hair growth, hair loss and generally weak, unhealthy hair. The almond oil is full of these minerals and nutrients and used on a regular basis inside your care products or by itself will provide care and protection to the hair. When growing your hair or beard, many face a plateau in the growth process that very often is due to dryness and weakness of the hairs. The outside stress, chemical cleansers or other hair products strip the hair of the natural protective coat and leave it frizzy and with split ends. This will prevent the hair from growing further.

Together with Sweet Almond Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil teams up to keep the skin healthy because it’s just as important as caring for the hair itself. The underlying skin with the hair follicles gets the same harsh treatment from all the previously mentioned factors and a sore, suffering skin cannot support the growth of healthy, shiny hair. The Jojoba Oil that is actually a liquid plant wax, is noncomedogenic, it keeps pores unclogged and free to breath. The breakouts on our skin are not caused by sebum production or oil that we apply, to the contrary, these oils are what protect the skin and often cleanse it. Rich in iodine, the jojoba oil fight bacteria and soothes the skin through its antioxidants. Concerning the hair, this oil substitutes the moisture lost and improves the texture of the hair strand. It adds shine, softens the hair and gets rid of the frizz naturally. It is actually a much better option for a conditioner and makes untangling hair much easily. Just like almond oil, its partner in crime, the jojoba oil has a high content of vitamin E and B complex vitamins, it fights infections, dryness, inflammation and, most importantly, hair loss.

Virginic™ Too Sexy For That Beard Oil is the ultimate beard pal. What you put on your beard can define the general perception: pretty face or disheveled face!? Keep your facial hair tidy with a fancy trim, a daily brush and some fine, pure and vegan beard oil. Read the label, it will take two seconds because that’s how long it is and it says this: a pinch of Sweet Almond Oil, some precious Golden Jojoba Oil drops, some deeply moisturizing Argan Oil to tame the fizziness, a little bit of Cedarwood Essential Oil for calming irritated and itchy skin and a spoonful of Lavender Essential Oil to relax your skin and harvest that sweet, healthy hair of yours. 

Fun fact: did you know that the average moustache can trap a pint and a half of beer every year?!

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