Have a Virginic day!

Have a Virginic day!

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Looking back through history, hygiene has developed to become a common sense habitual act. But it hasn’t always been this way. From times when cleanliness was not even a thought in people’s minds, to nowadays when an entire industry has grown out of reformulations of beauty and health standards, our demands get more sophisticated and complex.

Virginic has set to create the highest standard in the health, wellness, beauty market, inspiring others to adhere to the creation of 100% reliable, sustainable and natural care products.

Business driven goals and dishonest advertising never ends well for the costumer making the market untrustworthy. Labels like “eco”, “organic” or “natural” have started to lose all meaning. These terms have been hijacked with bureaucracy, fees and compromised quality standards. We are abusing our planet more and more every day, wasting resources, endangering wildlife, creating non degradable waste and feeding our bodies with non-nutritive substances from inside and from the outside. Humanity is frail, we are hardly caring for ourselves, much less for those around us. Labor has become a form of slavery and we take everything for granted.

Here at Virginic, we want to create a pillar for reform, forge a new paradigm of certification that will surpass any existing standard. We work under the tagline Purity Perfected and wish to support the Farmers Market by bringing it closer to those who realized that “organic” has been compromised. The only ingredients used can be ingested and are an easy, short read, no preservatives whatsoever. What you put on your skin, you put in your body! We want to encourage you to have a Virginic day!

Start your journey in the morning smiling widely and honestly. Water and toothpaste are your first encounters of the day. Gently brush with your Virginic™ Bamboo Manual Toothbrush and a drop of Virginic™ Activated Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste Minty Way then lift up your head, look in the mirror and give one big smile to rule them all. Jump in the shower and enjoy the warm water and the feeling of a new beginning. Get your early treat for the day and butter your body out with Virginic™ Body Butter Creamy Citrus. You deserve it! Your bright face is looking to jump start the busy day, so give it a Virginic™ Sweet Almond cleanse and watch it thank you for the goodies your put on it, no preservatives, no binding agents, no war to fight. You gotta’ keep ‘em separated! Cheer it up for a little bit with a puff of Virginic™ Translucent Botanical Face Powder because gentle caring is a gateway to happiness.

Radiate the day away, then come home to close the deal with healthy living. Clean up, scrub, exfoliate and spoil your tired face with Virginic™ Night Repair Face Serum followed by Virginic™ Rich Hydrating Night Cream. All set, now throw your pajamas away and give it one more glorious smile before a good night’s sleep! Is it chilly yet?! ‘Cause your body is gearing into regenerating mode and off it goes to dreamland for 8 hours of invigorating frenzy. Clock strikes morning, get up, smile and repeat!

Love from Virginic Purity Perfected™ We produce and sell pure products, honestly.

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