Breakouts can be harder on you than breakups

Breakouts can be harder on you than breakups

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Just like none of us can escape puberty in this lifetime, we can neither escape acne, one form or another. Some might say they had no trouble getting through puberty and maybe dealing with a few pimples here and there, but make no mistake, that is acne as well.

Medically known as acne vulgaris, it is a condition that affects the hair follicles of the face, chest and back and all teenagers have to face it. Although it is popularly misconstrued as a bacterial infection of the skin and its pores, acne is actually developing when the sebaceous glands associated to the hair follicles are stimulated or when hormonal changes occur. Sebum is a natural product of our body and it is not a bad thing, it actually protects and lubricates the skin. But when the sebum production increases and the cells are maturing, the oil can plug the follicular pore. It is basically a blockage that can take the form of a whitehead when covered by a superficial layer of skin, or a blackhead when exposed to air. Being plugged, the hair follicle enlarges causing the wall of the pore to rupture. This creates a gateway for irritating substances from outside, skin bacteria and other impurities which gradually infiltrate into the deeper layers of the skin producing infections and inflammation. This is why very often pimples become red and sore when applying pressure.

There is no one factor that clearly determines acne formation, but a complexion of factors and conditions that favor the ground for acne eruptions.

Of course, just like we are all different from one another, so are our acne struggles. Some get a very mild form that disappears together with puberty, while others can suffer from severe and deep forms that can haunt them down well into adulthood. Adult acne is also not uncommon, many young adults aged early to late 20s can struggle with it.

The treatment of this dreaded condition depends largely on the type of skin each person has and the severity/form of acne that he/she has. Sometimes the cause can go much deeper than simple puberty, it can be a mix of hormonal imbalance and other health conditions and would require medical investigations and treatment.

But for those fighting a more common, milder form, cosmetic care could be enough to relieve your acne symptoms and help with your overall look. Using the wrong care products such as creams and lotions that are comedogenic, meaning they favor pore clogging, can actually worsen your condition. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you carefully research and buy the right products for you.

One natural superhero ingredient is the Avocado Oil. It comes as no secret that this oil is obtained from the super food avocado, one of nature’s healthiest product. Simply eating it can help the body a great deal, including with acne problems as it has the ability to keep your hormones balanced which could in turn prevent eruptions on the skin. But other than adding it to your yummy dishes, avocado oil represents a form of amazing ailment and richness.

First and foremost, it is a great source of oleic acid which represents the majority of fatty acids found in the oil. Oleic acid is immensely beneficial in the process of cell regeneration and wound healing, the final step of your anti-acne quest. Who doesn’t want their skin to remain smooth, plain and without scars or spots!? It can successfully aid acne treatment through its ability to repel and eliminate microbial infections and reduce inflammation both inside and out which is the root of acne formation.

Moreover, avocado oil is ranked in the top five foods with the highest vitamin E content. Among the many benefits this fat-soluble vitamin has to offer the body, vitamin E gets a top score for skin health improvement. Nourishing the skin from the inside as from the outside, the vitamins and minerals contained in avocado oil boost the skin’s natural regeneration process, helping it form new and stronger cells. The primary nutrients for the skin are potassium, vitamin E and lecithin, all of them found in avocado oil and can quickly penetrate the epidermis and the dermis where they fortify the existing cells and energize the new ones. A large range of skin conditions can be alleviated through the use of avocado oil and its anti-inflammatory qualities. The itching and soreness of acne bursts can be eased out through topical application. After speeding the healing process of the actual infection created in the form of pimples, avocado oil will continue to act towards wound healing. Acne can be a harsh enemy and can leave multiple and extended scars on your skin, especially the face. This is why you also need to address this problem after treating the condition.  The oil will help your skin knit up faster and leave behind less scarred tissue.

There is one last thing you need to consider and that is to make sure the avocado oil is a natural and pure one, suitable for your skin as well as for the environment.

Combined with Rosehip Seed Oil rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, Sweet Almond Oil stacked with potassium, proteins, vitamin E and minerals, Tangerine Essential Oil that calms your irritated skin, Jasmine Essential Oil with a long reputation for skin care and the vital vitamins A and E, the Virginic™ Night Repair Face Serum is an amazing infusion that penetrates your skin deeply, builds into the structure of the skin and results in a radiant, healthy skin.

In order for this powerful night serum to take effect, be sure to clean your face prior to application so that all the dirt, impurities and dead cells are removed. Otherwise, the deeply hydrating and nourishing ingredients of the serum will simply attach to the layer of dirt and your skin will miss out on the benefits. Remember to take into account the fact that the serum has no moisturizing qualities, you will have to additionally apply a hydrating cream like Virginic™ Rich Hydrating Night Cream especially if you also suffer from dry skin condition. 

A research study published in 2015 pointed out that topical creams and serums that consist of avocado oil alongside other natural oils like Jojoba or Tea Tree, have a considerably positive antimicrobial effect and are acting as catalysts for skin healing. Here at Virginic we produce the purest products putting a lot of thought in the formula and the quality of ingredients.  *All ingredients are Certified Virginic™

We therefore, recommend you to never shy away from inquiring the origin and process of the products you put on your body because you are the only one who can take good care of yourself. 

You can get your small, made with love for nature and people batch of night serum here . All the ingredients you see listed are all there is inside the package, honest and pure. Try it and find out for yourself whether it suits you or not, this is our only way of earning your trust.

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