Argan oil. Live Life Lubed

Argan oil. Live Life Lubed

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Do you have dry skin? Or maybe you have frayed, tattered, burnt, hemp rope for hair? If you also have cloaking abilities you might be this guy.

But if it is just the first two, well, those days Ar-gan… oil.

No, you go to hell! That is a quality pun.

From Beautiful Trees, Beautiful Goats, Beautiful Berber Women, To Beautiful You

Argania Spinosa, AKA the argan tree, grows in a relatively small area of approximately 3,000 sq. miles in southern Morocco and part of Algeria. Besides providing much needed shade, with its deep root system it helps replenish water aquifers and it also protects the semi desert biome from full on desertification. Never go full desert! Well, not if you want to have goats...

LOOK AT THEM! CUTE! Life is amazing.

The tree produces a delicious fruit worth climbing for, if you are a goat. The goats eat, then shat or spit the seed after semi digesting the fruit whole. Why only semi digesting? Goats are ruminants and well, here is where it gets semi disgusting… the fruit and seed is fermented in the goat's belly, where it is “refunded” [which episode, let me know in comments section ;)] and chewed once again. It was good the first time!...

The seeds are gathered and then, traditionally, the seeds are then gathered by farmers are then passed as to Berber women, who have been cracking the nuts using stones for ages. This is still the way the nuts are cracked.

Minimally processed by cold pressing the nuts for oil keeps the oil rich and pure. Then, it is bottled and can be purchased here.

A quick rundown of the Argan trees plight.

The trees were being yanked out of the ground in the name of progress, and development. Good thinking! You now live in a desert… such is the folly of market demands.

A chemical engineer and overall badass woman named Zoubida Charrouf scientifically showed the remarkable benefits of the underutilized oil and managed to help build an industry around it. The effect? Markets formed around the money potentials and bang! We have to save the Argan Trees!

And now you can do your part. Buy Argan Oil today! Unless, of course, you want Morocco to die a tragically dry mouthed death! The choice is yours...

Berber ethnic flag. My new favorite flag. My old favorite one was a flag that read, “God hates flags.” lol. The kids and the internets I tell ya!

How Should Argan Oil Be Used?

Sparingly! 100% cold-pressed argan oil is expensive to produce and therefore pricey at first glance. The good news for argan oil lovers is that a little goes a looooong way.

And much like the provenance of olive oil, many unscrupulous venders will muddle their argan oil with all kinds of garbage so do be careful when trusting a vendor.

So, in summary: skin and hair stressed? You now have the answer to that test! You guessed it, just slap some Moroccan nut juice on your breast, neck, head and chest, drink water and rest in your quest to be your best.

Virginic Jeff out.


Think your mic skills are better than mine? A free bottle of Argan oil goes to the person with the best rap/poem/haiku/spoken word/whatever about Argan Oil in the comments. 

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