How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

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Haven’t we all woken up the day after a wild party night or a long tiresome studying night to take even the mirror by surprise with our puffy, swollen eyes and a distraught look on our face!? Sure we have, otherwise where would we gather all the strength to grow old!? Now, all joking aside, one day we wake up and our puffy eyes are there despite not having partied the night before and this can happen for many reasons, but as we advance with our age the skin loses elasticity, the tissue becomes lax and discolored and no matter how much we wish for our body to remain young looking, we cannot make it happen through simple human powers. Not just yet!
However, puffy eyes can just as well be an inherited trait, or it could appear due to continuous stress, allergies, especially in early spring season, fatigue or particular skin characteristics.

The swelling around the eyes is what we call an edema, meaning accumulation of fluids in the surrounding skin tissues. Because the skin around the eyes is thinner than in other body parts this edema can be quite prominent and unpleasant looking. The swelling and dark circles happen for a variety of reasons including excessive salt consumption which determines the body to retain water, allergies that cause inflammation of the skin in certain body areas, dehydration, tiredness and lack of sleep, stress conditions, crying (this is a temporary puffiness), aging or genetically inherited facial traits.

Because the range of factors that can contribute to puffiness around the eyes and the formation of dark circles is a very wide one, in order to find an appropriate solution it is of utmost importance to correctly identify the underlying cause. Otherwise, no matter what cosmetic products you use, you run the risk of either getting no result, or worse, aggravating your condition.

Take a good look at your dear parents, if you recognize the same puffiness and darker color of the skin around their eyes, chances are you have inherited this from them. Yes, it is disappointing to hear this, but there isn’t much you can do about this situation. You will simply need to embrace your look, make peace with it and enjoy all the other beautiful parts of your body. After all, these small quirks do not represent you as a human being!

Often times, the dark circles and puffiness of your eyes are as result of lax blood vessels in your thin, fragile eyelid skin. Poor blood circulation also contributes to lack of hydration and oxygen in that area making the skin retain fluids and suffer color change. When the obvious cause is the aging factor, then the puffy aspect is due to reduced skin elasticity, slower and poorer regeneration of skin cells and a generally modified body metabolism that is normal as we grow older. At a younger age however, the most common causes that are not of medical urgency, are sleep deprivation, stress, harsh environmental conditions, poor hydration throughout the day and even inappropriate skin care.

Together with an increased care of your overall health like properly hydrating, reducing salt consumption, eating fresh, full of potassium foods such as bananas and getting enough sleep and rest during the night, there are natural remedies that can aid in your battle with puffy eyes. Rosemary is an aromatic plant closely related to basil, lavender, sage and myrtle and for a long time now it has been very popular for its benefits ranging from culinary uses to healthcare. The rosemary oil is extracted from the leaves of the herb and has won a praised spot in herbal medicine. The plant has a high reserve of vitamins (A, C, B6) as well as minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, copper and so on. It is also abundant in antioxidants which are very much yearned for by our skin. Digging through the multitude of goodies that rosemary has in store we bring to light its skin quality improving properties. The antioxidants give rosemary a potent anti-aging effect, the ability to heal blemishes, skin discolorations and give it the natural shine that we crave for. Because of the antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities, the extract can help reduce eczema, dermatitis, oily skin, dark circles around the eyes and even acne. By massaging it gently on the skin, you will tone it, moisturize it and replenish it.
But to keep the best for last, the extracted rosemary oil has the power to stimulate cell regeneration and improve the blood flow. You’ve probably made the connection already and realize that rosemary is your answer for puffy eyes and dark circles.
The next step is to point you in the right direction towards an all-natural product that Virginic has compiled with care and with rosemary extract, obviously.

Virginic™ Advanced Botanical Eye Serum is a concoction dedicated entirely to your eyes area. It comes in a small batch, but not to worry, you only need a pinch of serum to care for your fragile eye skin. Plus, always keep in mind the fact that here at Virginic we are not manufacturing industrial amounts of products to fill the shelves of the cosmetic stores, but rather small portions for those that are sincerely dedicated to only put the healthiest ingredients on their bodies. This incredible eye serum has a short list of nourishing oils and vitamins that are bound to leave your skin looking perfect.

Full of Rosemary Extract that, we hope, already convinced you of its healing properties, the eye serum perfectly blends it with Sweet Almond Oil in all its richness and versatility, Avocado Oil that is fast absorbing, hydrating and anti-inflammatory, Vitamin A, crucial for healthy skin and vision, Vitamin E that is an essential antioxidants that your skin will eat up and use instantly, Jasmine Essential Oil which is a natural antiseptic and manages to balance dehydrated skin, Olive Oil together with its fatty acids and antioxidants, pure skin cell food and, nonetheless, Green Coffee Oil that can delay wrinkle formation. It does sound like a magic potion, wouldn’t you say so?! Glance at the label and you shall find all 16 badges that never miss from every Certified Virginic product we make. 

To make the best out of your tiny product and say goodbye to puffy, swelled eyelids and dark, discolored skin, apply the serum daily, early in the morning and at night before bed after you’ve gone through your regular cleansing routine. In order to avoid causing further damage to the skin around your eyes, make sure to gently press the serum under each eye without pulling your skin outwards. Your pores would suffer a great deal and, in time, will enlarge and lose their ability to recover. Close your eyes and massage it as long as you please, after all, it should be a treat and not a burden.

The pure ingredients will kick in and do the job, but to further enhance your experience you can store the serum in your fridge. This way the coolness of the roller ball will become an added benefit. Enjoy it dearly and let your eyes do the smiling! Here’s a short path to Virginic™ Advanced Botanical Eye Serum.

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